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We're getting so excited for this year's Summer Share and we'd love it if you were a part of the fun! There are just 8 weeks left till it begins, and we are busy planning, preparing and planting to make sure this is our best Summer Season yet.

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To inspire you for this coming season, we have some different lists of 8's below-- 

"8 Weeks to Grow Out a Chicken"

"8 Steps to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring"

"8 Springy Recipes to Try This Year"

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8 Weeks to Grow Out a Chicken

Did you know there is a season for chicken?  At least, when you raise them the way we do there is. Click here to get the scoop on why our chickens are so different from the ones you'll find at a conventional grocery store. 

8 Steps to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

1) Prep your tools
  • Get your gardening tools out to clean, remove rust, sharpen and organize. Recycle or toss any older tools that can't be repaired.
2) Spring Clean any winter leftovers
  • Rake up leaves, branches and debris. Make sure your beds are tidy, your lawn is raked and/or aerated and that you trim up last year's perennial flower stalks. Also a good time to clean out any clumps of leaves in your gutters, on paths, or in water features.  
3) Start cold-loving seeds outdoors and warm loving indoors
  • Spinach, lettuce, radishes, carrots, kale, and chard can be started outdoors as soon as the ground is workable. Start warmer plants (tomatoes especially) indoors in the next week or two so they are ready to go outside after the last frost. 
4) Energize your soil
  • Clean up any of last year's mulch off of the beds and top dress with compost, some nitrogen-rich fertilizer, aerate gently and then mulch to prevent weeds from coming up. (For more info on boosting your soil health, click here for this article from Mother Earth News) 
5) Prune and shape woody plants and evergreens
  • With your newly cleaned and sharpened tools, clean up your flowering shrubs and evergreens. Figure out if blooms grow on old wood (most hydrangeas, lilacs, rhododendrons, and viburnums) in which case they should be shaped and pruned AFTER they flower in late spring, or if they blossom on new growth (newer varieties of hydrangeas, butterfly bush), in which case they should be pruned now. For more info, click here
6) Weed & Divide
  • Split up any thick clumps of perennials (hostas, daylilies, etc) and replant or donate to neighbors, and get out there and pull up any weeds when they're little (especially after an April shower.) 

7) Repair or build raised beds. 
  • Check out your raised beds for signs of damage, rot or mold and repair. Or click this link to learn how to build your own for this summer's garden. 

8) Plan!

8 Springy Recipes to Try This Year
From The First Mess

From Fresh Fork Market

From Fresh Fork Market 

From Vegetarian Ventures

From Donna Hay

From Fresh Fork Market

From Fresh Fork Market

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