W i n t e r   S h a r e   2 0 1 5 - 1 6 :   W e e k  12

Welcome to Week 12 of the Winter Share and the official start of spring! 

We have a great bag in store for you all this week-- perfect for this transitional spring weather we're having. For our omnivores, we'll have some stew beef as well as turkey sausage (a new product from Chef Adam Lambert, made with dried mushrooms and red wine), and for our vegetarians we'll have a freshly baked loaf of wheat bread and a dozen eggs. Both shares will have some frozen vegetables, some greens (either lettuce or spinach depending on this week's harvest), potatoes and apples and a choice of one our delicious canned sauces for making dinner in a jiffy. 

Speaking of sauces, if you've ever had a question about how to make the perfect wine-based pan sauce or homemade mayo, we have a delicious class coming up next week! Chef Parker Bosley is teaching his "Sauces & Stocks" class, and it is one of the tastiest classes of the year. More info down below, so keep reading! 

This is our bean snipper! Fresh green beans go in one end, and out they come the other, ends in snipped in seconds to be ready for... 

...packing into quart-containers and flash frozen for your shares! Taking advantage of summer produce at its height of flavor to keep us in greens throughout the winter. 

Announcements & Reminders

Please make any payments due on your Winter Account 

We are in week 12 of the Winter Share and only have a little time left together for this season, and we are still waiting on some subscription payments from a few folks. You should have received an email yesterday informing you of the balance due-- please make arrangements for those payments as soon as possible so we can start wrapping up this season's books and get ready for summer!

If you have any questions or concerns about your account balance, please call or email Lyn (800-861-8582 // info@freshforkmarket.com) and she'll be glad to help you.  

Shaker Stop for Summer 2016 location announced:

We are so excited to announce our newest Eastside location for this Summer Share: the new Shaker Heights Stop will be at Hathaway Brown School!

The beautiful campus is located at 19600 N. Park Blvd., in Shaker Heights. This stop will
be on Fridays from 4:00-7:00pm, starting June 3rd. The truck will be parked in the main parking lot off of Courtland Blvd. If you know anyone in Shaker who might be interested in joining, spread the word-- we'd love this stop to have a strong start and a great first year! 

Featured Products
Featured Product: Strawberry Daiquiri Mix 
In case you need a little liquid courage for the annual Easter egg hunt, or maybe just a reason to celebrate spring's arrival, we have a delicious product from Clark Pope on our shelves: Strawberry Daiquiri Mix.

It comes in a 750 ml bottle-sized bottle, and is absolutely delicious mixed with some soda water, or even better blended up with some ice, lime juice and a splash of spicy rum. An entire pint of our strawberries is blended into each individual bottle, and it has a mouthwateringly tangy and sweet taste.

Just $12 a bottle-- also makes a beautiful host/hostess gift!  

Classes & Events
Sauces & Stocks 

Get out your pens and your napkins, everybody: Chef Parker Bosley is enrolling us all in a one-day cooking school to teach the fundamentals of classic sauces and homemade stocks. Now you'll be able to perfect that mushroom glaze, the hollandaise for brunch, or the just-right pastry cream for dessert. 

The Tasting Menu

Mushroom Soup

Sauté of Chicken Breast with Madeira Sauce

Oven-Roasted Chicken Thighs and Legs with Port Wine Sauce

Beef Roast in Rich Brown Sauce

Salad with Classic Vinaigrette

Crème Anglaise with Fruit

The menu might shift as Parker prepares, but one thing we know for sure is that this will be an informative and delicious dinner out. 

$30 per participant covers instruction, recipe packet and plenty of delicious food. 

What's in the Bag 
Winter Share 2015-16: Bag Contents Week 12



Stew Beef - 1#
Black or Pinto Beans - 1#
Frozen Chopped Tomatoes - 1 qt
Frozen Green Beans - 1 qt
Frozen Corn - 1 pt
Turkey Sausage Brats
Potatoes- 3#
Spinach or Lettuce
Choice:  Sloppy Joe Mix*, Ratatouille** or Tangy Ketchup***

Vegetarian Pilot    

Eggs - 1 dozen
Black or Pinto Beans - 1#
Frozen Chopped Tomatoes - 1 qt
Frozen Green Beans - 1 qt
Frozen Corn - 1 pt
Whole Wheat Bread - 1 loaf
Potatoes- 3#
Spinach or Lettuce
Choice:  Sloppy Joe Mix*, Ratatouille**, or Tangy Ketchup***

*Contains: heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, lime juice, sugar, salt and spices. 

**Contains: Eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squashes, and cumin and other spices.

***Contains: Heirloom tomatoes, garlic, onion, banana pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, white pepper, celery seed, fennel seed, allspice, mustard seed, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar

What's Cooking? 
Recipes featuring this week's bag contents
Bag contents in recipe: Frozen corn, frozen tomatoes, turkey sausage, pinto or black beans.
Sweet Potato-Turkey Chili

Beans, sweet potatoes, frozen corn and turkey sausage all cooked up in a heaping, warm pot of chili-- perfect for an early spring night before the thaw. 

Bag Contents in Recipe: Frozen tomatoes, spinach
Savory Tomato Bread

This pizza flavored bread is so filling and smells amazing-- tomatoes, basil or spinach, and maybe even the addition of some olives or prosciutto make it a meal in a pan. 

 Click Here for Recipe
Bag Contents in Recipe: eggs, spinach
Deviled Eggs Two Ways

Bag Contents in Recipe: Stew beef, frozen tomatoes, potatoes
Classic Beef Stew
Bag Contents in Recipe: Frozen Green Beans, Spinach

 Bean "Mac" n' Cheese 
Bag contents in Recipe: Potatoes, Turkey Sausage, Spinach

Shredded Potato & Sausage Pie
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