W i n t e r   S h a r e   2 0 1 5 - 1 6 :   W e e k  11

It's Week 11, and this is the last week to sign up for Summer Share 2016 and get the Early Bird Rates! 

Spring is hovering about these days--warmer temperatures and precipitation are already warming up the ground-- and we only have 5 more share weeks for this season. We hope you've enjoyed your Winter Subscription so far, and we really want to thank you for continuing to support local agriculture year round. We know it can be difficult at times-- so much squash and frozen veggies require a certain amount of creativity!-- but you are making a profound impact on our local farming community. It can be sustainable to be a small-scale, family farmer here because of committed subscribers like you.

However, easier times for all of us are up ahead! Ohio has some of the richest soil in the country, and we have a huge variety of successful crops. Click here to see a selection of the hundreds of different products we feature in our shares-- all grown and produced in the great state of O-H-I-O. 

If you're new to the program, it's good to know that our Summer Share is a little different from Winter-- pick ups are every week, we have more stops throughout the area, and you'll see an even bigger variety of delicious food. We like to joke that the Summer Share starts off green (think baby lettuces, asparagus, spinach), gets colorful (tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, beets, cucumber) and then ends up heavy (melons, squashes, cabbages, cauliflower.) The season is 22 weeks long and we run clear till November. It's also an extremely economic way to enjoy local foods-- shares start at just $25 a week. BUT! Those prices will go up after March 15th.

After March 15th, the share prices are rising-- the Small Share will start at $27/week and the Large Share will start at $43/week. We've never increased our prices before in our more than half-dozen years in operation, but the price of everything else is going up-- meat, fuel, trucks and labor costs, etc. We want to reward our most loyal customers by give you all the heads up: you can still get last year's prices by signing up and making your first payment by March 15th. You also do not have to be a returning member-- if you have a friend or family member who you think would love Fresh Fork, please pass this along!

Okay now down to the fun stuff-- we have a great Brunch-themed bag for you this week! Each of you will get a variety of different fruits, a dozen eggs, and the omnivores will have both our absolutely addictive Breakfast Patties and Green Onion Brats. The brats can be cooked like any other sausage (click here for our Sausage Guide) and the breakfast patties can be given a quick sear on both sides and then finished in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes. Trevor does it the opposite way-- starts in the oven and finishes with a sear-- but both work great. Our vegetarians will have a bag of our organic rolled oats and a whole pint of our locally made Maple Syrup (best kept in the fridge after opening.) Check out our Pinterest Board, "Breakfast & Brunch" for tons of great recipes online!

Have any creative ideas for the Grape Cider? Share them on our Facebook page! We loved drinking it straight (or mixing it with water or sparkling water), making popsicles, homemade jello, or even in a mixed drink. Let us know your favorite way to use it!

Week 9 is right in the middle of the "colorful" part of summer--at the end of July. Click here to see all of last summer's bags

Announcements & Reminders

If you'd like to pay for your Early Bird Summer Subscription with a check, this is the last week! 

The final date for the Early Bird Rates is a week from today (Tuesday, March 15th), so if you're planning on paying with a check, please bring it with you to the stops this week. Otherwise, you can pay using a credit card online or over the phone (details below), and all credit card payments are subject to a 3% processing fee.

If you are bringing a check, please write the email address associated with your account on the memo line. If you have any other notes (change in primary location, bag size or dietary preference) please include a note as well so our office can process your registration without any hiccups. 

Also, you can still sign up for Summer all the way up to the bitter end, but the prices are going up next week-- the Small Share will start at $27/week and the large share will start at $43/week after March 15th. The Full-Access Add On Plan will stay the same, but all of the monthly payment plans will go up accordingly with the increase. 

How to sign up for the Early Bird Rates for Summer. 

If you'd like to join us for Summer 2016, and we really hope you do, you have just 1 week left to sign up and get the Early Bird Rates
  • You need to pay off any remaining account balance on a current or previous share before you can sign up. Our system will let you know if you need to make a payment once you're signed in
  • Once your current or previous account balance is paid in full, sign into your account and add a new subscription, or fill out our super easy interest form online
  • Once you've signed up and we've updated your account information, expect an email reminder to make your first payment by next Tuesday, March 15th (either your full upfront cost or the first month's payment if you'll be on the payment plan.)
Please share with anyone who you think would be interested in our program! 

Featured Products
New Product: Beef Bone Broth 
You guys have loved the new Chicken & Turkey broth from Erie Bone Broth so much that we decided to pick up another one of their rich and nutritious flavors-- Beef Bone Broth! It's made with grass-fed beef bones and marrow, as well as organic vegetables, herbs and spices. Slowly simmered in filtered water up to 72 hrs, and made in small batches. 

Keep the 24 oz spout bags frozen for up to 6 months, or thawed for a week in the fridge. When you're ready to use a frozen bag, gently thaw by running the bag under warm water and then put the whole bag in a pot of water over medium-low heat on the stovetop. You can also cut a frozen bag open, heat it all up at once (pour yourself a mug to sip when it's done!) and refrigerate the rest until ready to use. Use it for beef stew, risotto, quinoa, or soups.

$15 for a 24 ounce bag. 

Classes & Events
Back to Your Roots with the ODNR 

We have a really cool exclusive event coming up on April 16th in partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife and the Kirtland Bird Club. We know you guys love eating local, so this is about as local as you can get!

"Getting Back to Your Roots- Hunting, Gathering & Experiencing Nature in Ohio" is a tasting dinner and speaker event geared towards foodies who are interested in learning more about how hunting, fishing and gathering in our area can expand your "edible opportunities." (If you are already an avid hunter and would like to be on our email list for future events, please click here to send us a note.)

The Wild Game Tasting will feature usual and unusual game (think venison, duck, rabbit, and beaver) prepared by Trevor Clatterbuck and Chefs Adam Lambert and Parker Bosley. Before and after dinner there will be talks and presentations on how to get started with hunting, gathering a fishing in a safe and healthy way. 

To RSVP for this FREE event, please call Jamey Emmert at the Ohio Division of Wildlife at 330-245-3020. Even though this event is free, there are limited spots-- if for whatever reason you need to cancel, please contact Jamey Emmert with at least 24 hours notice so they can fill your spot.  

What's in the Bag 
Winter Share 2015-16: Bag Contents Week 11



Grape Cider - 1 qt
Breakfast Patties- 1 pkg
Eggs - 1 dz
Green Onion Brats- 4 links
Frozen Blueberries- 1 pt
Frozen Strawberries- 1 qt
Watermelon Radishes

Vegetarian Pilot    

Grape Cider - 1 qt
Rolled Oats - 1 pkg (1.75#)
Eggs - 1 dz
Maple Syrup - 1 pt
Frozen Blueberries - 1 pt
Frozen Strawberries - 1 qt
Watermelon Radishes

What's Cooking? 
Recipes featuring this week's bag contents
Bag contents in recipe: Onion, Carrots, Green Onion Brats and/or Eggs
Root Vegetable & Sausage Hash

Breakfast for dinner time! This hearty meal will keep you full for hours, and takes less than an hour start to finish. Make with our Green Onion Brats, any other sausage you've got around, or meatless by adding a fried egg at the end. 

Bag Contents in Recipe: Frozen Blueberries, Frozen Strawberries, Oats, Maple Syrup, Eggs
Blueberry & Sweet Corn Oatmeal Bake

This is one of our most popular recipes! Sweet blueberries and pops of corn brighten up this easy-as-can-be baked oatmeal dish. Great for a weekend brunch gathering! 

 Click Here for Recipe
Bag Contents in Recipe: Eggs, Breakfast Patties
Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

Bag Contents in Recipe: Frozen Strawberries, Maple Syrup
Strawberry-Balsamic Cream Pops
Bag Contents in Recipe: Onion, Carrots

 Smokey Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup 

Fresh Fork Market's Sausage Guide
Links to More Recipes



We'll pro-rate your subscription for the remainder of the season. 

Just ONE WEEK left to sign up for the Summer Share and get the Early Bird Rates! 


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