W i n t e r   S h a r e   2 0 1 5 - 1 6 :   W e e k  10
Hi there! 

We're all set up for a bright and beautiful Winter Week 10!

Hope you all enjoyed the 60+ degree weekend we just had-- gives us all an early whiff of Spring, even though we're still in February. Temperatures are going to drop back into a normal range for the rest of this week, so please remember to bundle up when you head out to the stops and place anything you know you'd like to get on Special Order.

We have a great bag for you this week, featuring our Freedom Ranger Whole Chickens. These are one of our 'Slow Grow,' part-heritage chickens. The original stock was developed in France, then moved to England, then to Canada and finally to the U.S., as the market for alternative heritage poultry breeds grew. They cook just like any other bird, however they have just slightly smaller breast meat and in Trevor's opinion, "a slightly more 'chicken' flavor." The omnivores will also be getting a 4-pack of Turkey Patties, and the Vegetarians will get a dozen eggs, a bag of dried pinto beans and some of our delicious new salsa. 

And as a final treat, everyone is getting a jar of dill pickles in their bags. The pickles are lacto-fermented with sea salt, garlic, dill, and onion-- no spices or anything else. They are a living product, like our sauerkraut, so you'll notice a hazy brine and they should be stored right away in the fridge. Great on top or next to a left-over roast chicken sandwich!

After this bag, you have just 5 pick ups left of the Winter Share. Perfect time to make sure to reserve your spot for Summer and get the Early Bird Pricing! You are also our best way to spread the good word about our program-- if you know someone who you think would love to become a Forker, please pass this email along. Anyone can snag the Early Bird Special Rates, so do your friends and family a favor by telling them to sign up before March 15th!

The first calf of 2016 was born down at Wholesome Valley Farm last week! We're expecting at least 30 more this Spring, so we'll keep you posted as they arrive. 

First things first: here are some important details about your share: 

If you'd like to buy honey this week, please place a Special Order. 

We're not bringing any extra honey on the routes this week because it's seizing up due to the cold. If you'd like to purchase some, please place a Special Order.

Here's what to do if your honey is already rock hard (seized): heat it up slowly in a crock pot or slow-cooker or low heat. You can also boil a pot of water then remove it from heat and then place the honey into the hot water.  Be careful not to let the plastic get too hot, so move it around occasionally. Once it starts to melt, use tongs to remove it from the water and turn the (closed) bottle all around to make sure it's melted. Keep it stored in a 65 degree+ environment, and just repeat the process if it re-seizes (but it shouldn't.) 

Just a few weeks left to sign up for the Early Bird Rates for Summer. 

If you'd like to join us for Summer 2016, and we really hope you do, you have a little over 1 month to sign up and get the Early Bird Rates! Once your account is paid in full, just sign into your account and add the new subscription to your account. As a reminder, you'll also need to make your first payment by March 15th to qualify for the lower rates (either your full upfront cost or the first month's payment if you'll be on the payment plan.) 

Please share with anyone who you think would be interested in our program! Especially when it's this snowy outside, it's great to spread the dream of strawberries, tomatoes and fresh green salads with your family and neighbors. 

Featured Products
$10 Off Humble Apple Pies! 
We still have some par-baked Apple Pies that we'd love to give to you hungry people-- so we are offering a totally ridiculous $10 discount! 

They are par-baked, so just pop them in a 350 oven for 30 minutes or so till bubbling and warm through the center. What a great way $12 way to end a chicken dinner this week, huh?  

Classes & Events

We still have some spots left for Parker's first class of the year! 

We are going to be sampling more than a half-dozen delicious soups and stews and learning all the best techniques for taking your Soup Game up a notch.

Bring a friend out to Market Garden next Monday night to get stewin'!

More info 
& Registration

Announcements & Reminders

Just a few weeks left to sign up for the Summer Share and get the Early Bird Rates! 

What's in the Bag 
Winter Share 2015-16: Bag Contents Week 10



Chicken- 1 whole 
Turkey Patties - 1#
Potatoes, yukon gold - 3#
Turnips, 3# 
Carrots, 2#
Frozen Green Beans - 1 quart
Frozen Sweet Corn - 1 pint
Frozen Tomatoes - 1 quart
Apple Cider - 1/2 gal
Garlic Dill Fermented Pickles - 1 pint, sliced or whole

Vegetarian Pilot    

Pinto Beans - 2# bag
Eggs -  1 dz
Potatoes, yukon gold - 3#
Turnips, 3# 
Carrots, 2#
Frozen Green Beans - 1 quart
Frozen Sweet Corn - 1 pint
Frozen Tomatoes - 1 quart
Apple Cider - 1/2 gal
Garlic Dill Fermented Pickles - 1 pint, sliced or whole
Salsa* - 1 pint

*Contains: Roma tomatoes, onions, garlic, hot peppers, pimento pepper, bell peppers, sugar, salt, white pepper, cilantro and fresh lime juice

What's Cooking? 
Recipes featuring this week's bag contents
Bag contents in recipe: Whole Chicken, Carrots, Onion
Easy Crock Pot Chicken & Homemade Stock

There are many delicious ways to prepare our chickens, but perhaps the easiest is just to do the whole thing in the slow-cooker. Busy Forkers-- check out this recipe for a tasty chicken dinner and then chicken stock all in just one pot! 

Bag Contents in Recipe: Turnips, Eggs, Potatoes
Turnip Cakes

These snackable little sides or appetizers are a great way to use up a bunch of root vegetables. All you need is a food processor (or a box grater) and a skillet to make these tasty little treats. 

 Click Here for Recipe
Bag Contents in Recipe: Turkey Patties or Pinto Beans, Carrots, Turnips, Onion, Frozen Green Beans, Frozen Corn, Yukon Gold Potaotes
Shepherd's Pie

Bag Contents in Recipe: Eggs, Pinto Beans, salsa
Gallo Pinto Breakfast Plate
Bag Contents in Recipe: Frozen green beans, onion, carrots, potatoes

 Winter Green Bean Soup 
Bag Contents in Recipe: Frozen sweet corn, frozen tomatoes, pinto beans, ground turkey

Chorizo Taco Soup
Links to More Recipes


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