W i n t e r   S h a r e   2 0 1 5 - 1 6 :   W e e k  5
Hi there! 

It's time for Week 5-- this delicious bag should hold you over until New Year's! 

This unseasonably warm December has given a wee boost to your bags this week: for the omnivores, we have a delicious whole chicken for roasting, as well as loads of root vegetables and squashes and even some greens. When you're making your leftover sandwiches, you'll be able to slice up some thick layers of our Whole Wheat Bread (featured in everyone's bags.) And for dessert? Some Summery sweet canned peaches, put up at Wholesome Valley Farm.

For the Vegetarians among us, we have a beautiful, filling stuffed Acorn Squash entrée, and loads of other veggies to fill up the bag. If you're looking for some more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Boards Fall Recipes and Vegetarian Recipes to change up your routine. 

Our chickens live outside in the fresh air, foraging through pasture for their entire lives. Click the image above for our guide to cooking one of our Whole Chickens. 

First things first: here are some important details about the Winter Share. 

Next week (the week of Christmas), is an off week for the Winter Share.

Just a reminder there are no pick ups next week. Your next bags will be ready and waiting for you December 30th-January 2nd. 

YES-- there will be deliveries on New Year's Eve & New Year's Day. 

On each of the Winter Stops's Pages, we have listed each of the pick up days. It looks like this (Westlake): 

Click below to see your Winter Stop's page and add the dates to your calendar:  

Please place any Special Orders TODAY for any of our Special Holiday Offerings. 

We will have some extra Holiday Food Gift packages for sale next week on the trucks, but we have a limited supply. So to guarantee your purchases please place any special orders today! All Holiday Offerings are listed under "Seasonal Offerings" and are described below.

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Now when you print a recipe, it won't be 5 billion pages!

We have a gotten a lot of feedback on our new Recipe Section on the website, and it's a relatively new piece of software that still has some kinks to work out. We have spoken with the developer and made some improvements: now the pictures do not print along with the recipe, so they are much shorter and take up much less paper.

We still have some changes we'd love to see, but we're making progress! 

Holiday Offerings 2015

Pasture Raised Turkeys 
- $65
These were the stars of the Thanksgiving feast this year, and we still have some that weren't quite big enough for harvest a few weeks ago. 

All of our turkeys are pasture-raised, and their diet is supplemented with non-GMO small grains and have never been treated with hormones or antibiotics. They average around 20 lbs and are $65 each. 

The turkeys available for Holiday Ordering are frozen because the delivery is a week in advance of Christmas. Allow your turkey 4-5 days to thaw in the fridge before roasting (and it can stay in your fridge, once thawed, for up to 7 days.)  

Ohio Apple Sampler Crate - $25

Beautiful, wooden apple crates hand-packed with straw and a variety of six different types of some of the most delicious apples Ohio can grow, all from Eshleman Fruit Farm in Clyde, OH. Each box measures 15" x 12" x 7" and is full of about 24 apples (depending on size.) 

These would make a great gift for teachers, a healthier office holiday treat, or as a host or hostess gift. Pair it with this beautiful book-- Apples of Uncommon Character: a long photo and poem dedication to the heirloom apple. 

$25 and supplies limited to only 50 gift boxes.
Pope's Kitchen Hot Sauce Trio - $15

Clark and his staff were busy all Fall cutting and putting up hot peppers to make delicious sauces. All of the sauces were produced with locally grown hot peppers, and in this 3-pack  (5 oz bottles) we are offering three of his most popular flavors: 

Burning River (medium)- this well-balanced hot sauce combines the body and sweet characteristics of vine-ripened Ohio tomatoes that have been cooked into a paste and blended with a medium-hot/hot sauce of a blend of local peppers.

Smoking River (hotter)- jalapeño peppers are smoked over hickory wood chips before being cooked down into a smokey hot sauce with attitude. 
Whiskey River (medium-hot)- this sauce was aged in a bourbon barrel and cooked down with American bourbon.

All three bottles are presented in a gift box that can be gifted as-is or is ready to wrap. Just $15 per set.

Local Cheeses Collection - $30

We have a collection of five locally produced cheeses to sample on a disposable tray: Charloe (ripe and semi-soft cheese, perfect for the true cheese lover), Lake Erie Creamery's delightful Lemon Chèvre, Ohio's best Blue Cheese from Yellow House Creamery, crowd-favorite Sharp Cheddar from Middlefield Creamery, and Smoked Gouda from Mayfield Creamery. 

Wooden Cheese Board 
- $30

Our cheese board is a custom-made wooden cutting board fashioned from reclaimed wood by a local artist. 

Bundled together with a large piece ofBloomfield Brie (camembert) from Mayfield Road Creamery and a bottle of Pope's Strawberry Balsamic Sauce. Try baking the brie with the sauce on top- a delicious and instant Happy Hour appetizer.


photo credit www.barnartist.com
Taste of Ohio 2015 Gift Pack - $30

Want to bring a sampler tasting pack to any out-of-town family? Bring a collection of some of Ohio's Bounty!

This year's Taste of Ohio Gift Pack includes a quart of freshly pressed, local Concord Grape Cider, a pint of savory Pappy's Hot Pepper Butter, smoothMaple SyrupStrawberry Jam, and a jar of Canned Peaches (delicious with vanilla ice cream or cooked into oatmeal.) 

Breakfast Basket  
- $30

If you're spending the weekend at your host's house, bringing along a basket of breakfast goodies takes one meal off of their plate! 

This Breakfast Basket features a 2# bag of local, Organic Rolled Oats and Organic Pancake Mix from Stutzman's, Maple Syrup for drizzling, a jar of sweet Fruit Jam, some Holiday themed Granola and a 1/2 lb bag of City Roast Coffee to start the morning off right. 

You can add a quart of Pope's Bloody Mary mix (mellow or original) to your order for just $9 (listed separately under Value Added). 


Assorted Pies 
- $6 to $20

We have a variety of frozen pies, from Wholesome Valley and Humble Pie: Apple, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, and small Apple pies. 

All pies listed under Baked Goods & Value Added.

Tomato Trio
- $18

We have a sampling of some of our favorite tomato-based sauces from this year's amazing tomato crop: Chef Kent's Smoked Tomato Salsa (you don't want to miss this; we eat it with a spoon in the Fresh Fork Office and is not yet available for individual sale), a quart ofWholesome Valley Goat Parmesan Roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce, and a jar of Dehydrated Salted Romas packed in oil

Pick up this bag along with one of the cheese boards and your entertaining is all set! 

Ceramic Honey Pots 
- $25

Over the last three years we have worked with Gina DeSantis of Lakewood to create unique, food-focused ceramics. 

This year we are featuring her Honey Pots: a charming hand-made canister for storing honey on your counter top. Pooh bear not included. 

What's in the Bag 
Winter Share 2015-16: Bag Contents Week 5



Whole Chicken 
Whole Wheat Bread 
Carrots - 1# 
Acorn Squash - 1 ct 
Butternut Squash - 1 ct 
Onion - 1 ct 
Broccoli Florets - 1# 
Apple Cider - half gall. 
Kohlrabi - 1 ct 
Collards - 1 bunch 
Rutabaga - 2# 
Fingerling Potatoes - 3# 
Canned Peaches - 1 quart

Vegetarian Pilot    

Stuffed Acorn Squash Entrée*
Whole Wheat Bread 
Carrots - 1# 
Acorn Squash - 1 ct 
Butternut Squash - 1 ct 
Onion - 1 ct 
Broccoli Florets - 1# 
Apple Cider - half gall. 
Kohlrabi - 1 ct 
Collards - 1 bunch 
Rutabaga - 2# 
Fingerling Potatoes - 3# 
Canned Peaches - 1 quart

*Contains: Shallots, Daikon Radishes, Cabbage, Rutabaga, Corn, Roasted Red Peppers, Black Turtle Beans, Cannellini Beans, Cilantro, Wheat Berries, Sunflower Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mustard Seed, & Salt

What's Cooking? 
Recipes featuring this week's bag contents
Bag contents in recipe: Whole Chicken, Carrots, Onion
Parker's Roast Chicken 

An American Classic: delicious, easy, and your whole house smells incredible. Make a few meals from each chicken by making salad, soup or sandwiches the next day! 

Click Here for Recipe
Bag Contents in Recipe: Rutabaga, Onion, Carrot, Potatoes
Creamy Rutabaga Soup

This creamy soup actually has no cream! The long slow cooking of the vegetables creates a wonderfully smooth texture and rich flavor (helped out with a flavor boost from the bacon.)

 Click Here for Recipe 
Bag Contents in Recipe: Collard Greens or any Braising Green (Kale, Chard, Broccoli or Kohlrabi Leaves)
Ginger Soy Greens

Bag Contents in Recipe: Butternut Squash, Acorn Squash, last week's Hubbard Squash
Winter Squash Soup with Sherry
Bag Contents in Recipe: Broccoli Florets, Onion

Broccoli, Cheddar & Sausage Bake 
Bag Contents in Recipe: Kohlrabi, Broccoli, Collard Greens, Acorn Squash, Butternut Squash

Early Summer Veggie Bowl
Links to More Recipes

Acorn Squash & Honey Pies        Three Twists on Classic Latkes


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