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It's time to place all orders for... 
Th a k s i v n g ! 

HI everybody! We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are for Thanksgiving this year-- many of you (hundreds, in fact!) have already placed your orders for Turkeys and Pies and all that jazz, but we just wanted to let those of you know who haven't done so, we still have turkeys left!

Time to place your Thanksgiving orders

As long as we still have stock of turkeys and packages, we will be accepting orders through Sunday at Midnight or until we run out! Also FYI-- we might cut pie ordering shorter just to give Diane enough time at Humble Pie to make all those pies. Tell your friends about the best place to buy a turkey in town!!

How to order Thanksgiving extras 

We have all the details on how to order extra food for your feast (milk, eggs, butter, sausage, flour, etc.) as well as a spotlight on some of the new prepared side dishes from Chef Kent at Wholesome Valley Farm.  

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Hope you've enjoyed this year's Countdown Emails, and if you have any bang-up family recipes you want to share to be included next year, please email us!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

- Your friends at Fresh Fork Market
Haven't ordered yet? Here's the info:

How To Order Thanksgiving Dinner

1. Decide what you want for your feast! Click here to see our options.  

2. Ready to order? Click here to pick out your Turkey & Trimmings pay your $25 deposit. We will send you confirmation email over the weekend to confirm your order and follow up with payment request. 

3) Plan your menu! Here are some links to our Thanksgiving and Fall Recipes boards on Pinterest. We also have lots of great recipes on our website, here

That's it! The freshest, pasture raised turkeys, freshly harvested vegetables and delicious baked goods are coming to you on Tuesday or Wednesday next week! 

How to order extras for Thanksgiving
Well now you have the main stuff, but what about coffee, eggs, sausage & bread?


If you want to order extras, you've got two options: 

1) If you have ever had an account at Fresh Fork:

Sign in and place an order in the shop. Be sure to check out all the categories, including "Baked Goods & Added Value," "Produce" & "Thanksgiving 2015" for all the extra goodies we've added! 

2) If you don't remember your password, or if you don't have an account:

Click on this link and place an order through the form. We'll send you a separate payment request. Just an reminder: all orders for Thanksgiving must be paid in full by Sunday at midnight to be filled. 

Chef Kent's Prepared Thanksgiving Sides
Got your hands full with the Turkey? Pick up some pre-made side dishes! 

Chef Kent at Wholesome Valley has whomped up some fantastic side dishes for Thanksgiving. We have a limited number of each for sale, so place em quick! All come fresh, not frozen.

Multigrain Herb Rolls (6) - $6
These buttery, thick biscuit/rolls make a perfect companion to some cultured butter and all the gravy on your plate. Get at least a pack or two!

Cauliflower Hummus - quart for $12 or pint for $6

If you tried this at the Thanksgiving Beer Pairing dinner, you know what all the fuss is about. Infused with Korean red garlic, spicy and creamy all at once!

Cottage Fries - $10

Gratin style red potatoes cut into home fry wedges with assorted veggies  and beans tucked in a cheesy béchamel sauce. 


Caramelized, Fire-Roasted Shallots with Smoked Pork Shoulder - $12

This is an amazing side dish that's almost hearty enough for a main. Fun idea to make it your own? Bake in a prepared pie shell or wrap in puff pastry or crescent rolls for a decadent starter alongside soup. 

Braised Red Cabbage with Apple and Raisins - $8

Traditional and tasty, sweet braised red cabbage. And all the shredding is done for you!

Braised Asian Cabbage and Daikon Radishes - $8

Tangy, soft slaw as a twist on the traditional braised cabbage. Would go great in a casserole with some cooked pork sausage, or lovely on its own. 

Smoked Bacon and Sausage Brussels Sprouts - $10

Flecked with mustard seeds and all-over smokey flavor. We also have vegetarian Brussels sprouts available, bacon-free! Also $10. 

Asparagus Soup (quart) - $10

Soft and velvety soup, would be delicious alongside turkey or alongside your leftover sandwiches the next day! 

Curried Cauliflower Soup (quart) - $10

This rich and creamy soup has a savory curry flavor that tastes almost like the richest deviled eggs you've ever had! Whole chunks of cauliflower, and is vegetarian to boot. Would make a wonderful starter, or even a prepared lunch for busy days ahead!

Quantities are Limited.

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