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The Countdown to Summer is over-- our Summer Share begins tomorrow!!

This is the final installment of our weekly farming stories, because Summer is finally here-- so thanks for reading.

The trucks will be rolling out to their first deliveries of the week on Wednesday, and will be finding their way to your stop over the following few days Click here for a link to see all the stops during the week, and to download the "Welcome to Summer, Fresh Forker!" email if you need another copy. 

And because this isn't our first time around, we know there are a lot of last minute folks out there, so we ordered food for 50 extra people for this week.

That's right. If you forgot to signup yet, there is enough food this week for 50 extra subscribers. First come, first serve, so please reply to this email as soon as possible so we can setup your account and start you this week. 

The quick run-down if you are new to Fresh Fork Market:  We are a weekly grocery subscription to local farms.  We call it a Farm Buying Club. Each week from June through October, our subscribers receive a fresh "grab bag" of local provisions, including fruits and vegetables, meats, cheese, eggs, grains, and more.  Omnivore, Vegetarian, and Vegan dietary plans are available and packages are either $25 per week (small) or $40 per week (large).  You pick the groceries up from one of our refrigerated box trucks at over 20 different area pickup locations.  
1 Day Till Our Summer Season Begins 
 Putting our money where our mouth is. 

Wow, we are feeling old now. This is our 7th summer season and each one gets better than the last. One thing we're really proud of: last year we put $3.5 million back into the hands of local farmers. 

This money has a serious economic impact for these communities. Just off the top of my head I can think of some tangible examples. David in Homerville is upgrading and bought a new 95 acre farm this past winter. Jonas in West Salem also moved to a larger property and built a new packing shed. Edward and John in Wilmot have doubled the size of their Guernsey herd and added additional processing capacity at their dairy plant. Harvey was able to welcome a new baby boy this winter into the warmth of a new home.

We are supporting farmers who have created sustainable enterprises that provide for their families and protect the environment. They in turn deliver beautiful, wholesome and nutritious food for us to put on our family tables all year. Nourishing ourselves, and nourishing our relationship to our community and our soil. 

Speaking of soil, if you haven't yet, please check out the wonderful book The Soil Will Save Us by Parker's dear friend, Kristin Ohlson. If you're curious at all about soil science and the impact of your decision to eat locally, it's a great read. She'll also be coming into town soon to give some talks and do some book signings, so check out her tour schedule here.

Sweet Peaches, is it true?!

This may be the best piece of news I heard all spring: WE WILL HAVE PEACHES THIS SUMMER!

Back in March when the bitter cold continued, all the fruit farmers I spoke with were convinced that the peach crop had been lost for a second year in a row. Many were thinking the damage was worse this past winter than the winter before.

Then in the first week of May a miracle happened. The peach trees blossomed and it became evident that there would be some peaches this year. The crop will still be scarce - maybe a 30% yield - but that is better than no peaches.

I asked orchard owner Rich Eshleman what happened. He can't explain it. He said he has talked to numerous peach growers and they were all surprised. The only thing he can conclude is that the trees were hardier from the winter before and were able to save up energy last summer when they didn't go to fruit. Then, despite the brutal cold of another bad winter, some of the trees were able to blossom and will produce fruit. As Mother Nature intended, these trees are trying to reproduce despite all odds.  

I already locked in my supply of peaches for the summer. Just another perk of being a Fresh Fork member!

We are opening a store front! 

Did I catch you off-guard there? It's true-- historically, I've always been against a brick-and-mortar store. But this is going to be awesome.

For Fresh Fork to stay true to its values - 100% local, sustainable and organic production, fair prices to our farmers - a storefront has always seemed to be a poor match. Traditionally, stores have to carry inventory, swallow loss, and pay overhead hoping food will sell. Out of necessity, they usually have to buy low and sell high.

I didn't want to be in that game. However, there is significant demand for sustainable, pasture raised meats. And those meats are not limited by seasonality.

So I've partnered with Chef Adam Lambert of the Ohio City Meat and Curing Company to open a joint-venture storefront - part Fresh Fork Market and part butcher shop. We are calling it 

We have taken out a lease on a building on Lorain Ave near St Ignatius School. We are currently working on a zoning variance and awaiting permits. Best case scenario, we will be open by Thanksgiving.

The storefront will feature many of the products you already get from Fresh Fork - milk, eggs, butter, cheeses, grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. The space will also have a full butcher shop where we'll transform hanging carcasses of beef, pork, lamb, and more, into fresh cuts, sausages, terrines, and dry cured meats.

Check back in soon for updates on this new venture.  

Looking forward to a beautiful Summer.

This is as much your story as it is ours. Our members are the reason we are here-- to bring us all closer to the people who grow our food, and to create a community around that food.


Whether it's because you want to eat healthier, you're a devout supporter of local business and agriculture, or because you're just trying this out for a lark and don't know what to expect-- thank you for being a part of our community. And this community is one that comes to the table not only to eat, but to share: ideas, recipes, and stories that will ultimately help us all live a more grounded and connected life. We can't wait to see you at the stop real soon, and thanks for reading. 


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