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Christmas and New Years are approaching much quicker than we ever like.  If you are like me, I haven't thought a bit about gifts yet and have only put holiday food on the radar. 


But if you are the discriminating shopper looking for quality, authentic, and tasty gifts, your problems have been solved.  See below to see our 2014 selection of holiday offerings.


These items should be ordered online before Tuesday, Dec 16th at midnight.  Orders will be delivered at our Winter Pickup Locations on Wed, Dec 17 thru Saturday, Dec 20th.


All orders should be placed online at by Tues, Dec 16 at Midnight.  Current members and non-members are welcome to purchase holiday offerings.  Gift Certificates are also available in any dollar amount.  Please email for a gift certificate.  


The winter/holiday pickup locations and times can be found at this link:  Winter Pickup Locations

For the Dinner Table

Turkeys - $65


Our pasture raised, part-heritage Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys were a huge hit at Thanksgiving and what wasn't quite ready for harvest then has since been harvested. 


We are offering only frozen turkeys for the holidays since our delivery schedule is over a week in advance of Christmas.   


Our turkeys are pasture raised and their diet supplemented with non-gmo small grains like corn, oats, and soybeans (and never any hormones or antibiotics). The birds average around 20# each and are $65.   


Below is a photo of the birds coming in to check out who I am at Leroy's farm in Fredericksburg OH.  


Smoked Hams - $60

This year we literally have under 20 hams available.  The demand from our customers in the fall for sausage and ground pork products meant that we had to cut-up most of the hams for sausage production.   Since then, the Ohio hunters' deer harvest has been exceptional and we can't get hogs into the butcher shop for a kill date.  


But if you are one of the lucky few who get one of our hams, they are sure to please.  Our hams are from pasture raised, berkshire hogs fed a non-gmo diet.  These hams are brined in a nitrate-free brine and smoked with hickory.  Hams average about 9 lbs in weight.  


Goose - $50

Our geese are raised outside in a pasture (with pond access) in Baltic, OH.  They average about 7 lbs and are $50 for the whole goose. 


Pekin Duck - $30

Raised alongside the geese above, the ducks are approximately 5 lbs and are $30 each.   


Don't Forget to place your order by Tuesday, Dec 16 at Midnight! Click here to sign in and order. 
Gifting Items (or gift to yourself)
Apple Sampler in Wooden Crate - $25

Who doesn't like some fantastic apples? This gift box features six varieties of Ohio apples from Eshleman Fruit Farm in Clyde, OH.  Each box measures 15 by 12 by 7 inches and is full of at least 24 apples (depending on size, how many we can squeeze in there).  


Think of all the applications for this gift.  The office where everyone can share in eating the apples.  A hostess gift for a family with young children who can have a healthy snack.  For you, who wants to drink wine and eat slices of apples and cheese after an exhausting holiday week.  


$25 and supplies limited to only 50 gift boxes.     



Pope's Hot Sauce Gift Box - $15

Clark was busy all fall cutting up hot peppers and cooking them down into delicious hot sauces.  All of these hot sauces were produced with locally grown hot peppers, and what better way to try them than get the Gift Pack of 3 Bottles. 


Each gift pack includes 3, 5-oz bottles.  The flavors are:

Burning River (medium)- this well balanced hot sauce combines the body and sweet characteristics of vine-ripened Ohio tomatoes that have been cooked into a paste and blended with a medium-hot hot sauce of a blend of local peppers.

Smoking River (hotter)- jalapeno peppers are smoked over hickory wood chips before being cooked down into a smokey, hot sauce with attitude.  

Whiskey River - a medium-hot sauce aged in a bourbon barrel and cooked down with American bourbon


All three bottles are presented in a gift box that can be gifted as-is or is ready to wrap.  $15 per set.



Cheese Tray and Cheese/Jam Board $30

Each year we offer two popular options that can be used either for gifts or for entertaining:


Cheese Tray - a disposable tray featuring a sampling of 6 unique Ohio cheeses.  This year's selection is Wooster Pike Blue Cheese (cow's milk, 6 oz), Charloe (cow's milk, bloomy rind 6 oz), Smoked Cheddar (cow's milk, 8 oz), Lemon Chevre (goat milk, 8 oz), and Hulls Trace Aged Cheddar (cow's milk, 8 oz).  The tray is presented with a few apples and ready to be cut up and served.  $30


Cheese Board - a custom-made wooden cutting board bundled with a 7 to 8 oz wheel of brie and strawberry balsamic sauce.  The cutting board is made from reclaimed wood by a local artist.  $30

Other Holiday Gift Ideas

Taste of Ohio - $30

This gift bag features a variety of our local favorites:

1 half-pint Brussel Sprout Relish

1 half-pint Strawberry Jam

1 half-pint Pappy's Pepper Butter (homemade mustard)

1 pint Maple Syrup

1 quart Concord Grape Cider


Ohio Jam Trio - $18

1 half pint strawberry jam

1 half pint blueberry jam

1 half pint apple jam


Tomato Trio - $20

A sampling of Ohio tomato products by Pope's Kitchen, including fan favorites:

1 quart Original Bloody Mary Mix (just add vodka)

1 pint Roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce

1 jar (12 oz) tangy BBQ Sauce


Gina DeSantis Ceramics - $25

Over the last three years we have worked with Gina DeSantis of Lakewood to create unique, food-focused local ceramics, including:


French Butter Crock - $25 - this kitchen essential allows you to keep butter on your counter at spreadable room-temperature.  When you remove the lid there is a "bell" inside that can be packed full of water.  The basin is filled with a couple inches of water and when the bell is placed inside the basin, the water keeps air (and the pathogens in air) off of the butter.  Available in Fresh Fork green or brown (sorry no cow-pattern left). 




Honeypot - $25.  A small canister for storing your honey.  Comes complete with a lid and honey spoon/dipper.  



Corn Plates -$25.  Each set includes 2 corn-cob shaped plates with a slight lip to them to allow you to roll your ears of corn in salt and butter.   Great way to present this delicious Ohio vegetable.  


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