Week 14 Winter Share

Ramps, Lettuce, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Ravioli, Ribs, and more

April 22, 2014   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



It sure feels like a spring day - cool and wet.  This is the time of the year where the farmers and I just hope for a gradual increase, with no surprises. 


As many of you are likely aware, this winter was exceptionally harsh on the peaches and other stone fruits, such as cherries and plums.  The berries, such as raspberries and blackberries, weren't effected by the cold because they were dormant and many farmers cover them in the winter. Last week, however, there was damage when we had the Tuesday and Wednesday nights well below freezing.  My one grower in Orwell reported an overnight low of 13 with an estimated 80 percent crop loss for this coming summer on his blackberries. How sad is that!   


But on to the good news.  While the cold snap last week has delayed our carrots, kale, and spinach, we do have plenty of freezer inventory to throw a few surprises at you, including the garlic scape, spinach, and ricotta stuffed raviolis, pork ribs, and more pork roasts.  


Maggies Farm - an urban farm tour this weekend

Our friends at Maggie's Farm on West 63rd street are hosting their first ever farm tour.  I'll be there and serving some smoothies at the end.  


Diane and her husband Russ have a growing network of urban plots under their management. All are in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood of Cleveland.  


For full details, see the flier at this link.  


Urban Community School 5K Run

UCS, located on Lorain Ave at West 49th, is a jewel to the near west side.  They provide exceptional education to local youngsters, most who attend on scholarship or assistance.  I've had the privilege of presenting to these students year after year and the quality of the education, instructors, and facility are second to none.  This is only possible through the support of their donor network. 


If you are a runner, or want to give it a try, please consider participating in their 5K Run.  The monies raised will go to good use, and the run is accompanied by a health fair.  


The Run is on Saturday, May 10th at 10 AM.  Full details and registration found here.  



Summer Season Registration Open

 Registration is now open to everyone and for returning customers with no balance, all you need to do is reserve your spot.  No further payment is due until May.  Please do this ASAP. 


For new members, a $25 membership fee is due.  


Full details about the summer program, our new pickup locations (including Avon and Medina), and extended hours (Lakewood, Strongsville, downtown) are all available at:  http://www.freshforkmarket.com 


So here is this week's entire list: 


Winter Week 14 Share: 

1 Size Package, No Vegetarian or Vegan Options

1 pack chicken bratwursts

1 pint frozen sweet corn

1 whole chicken OR 1 pork shoulder roast

1 dz garlic scape and spinach stuffed ravioli OR 1 slab pork ribs (baby back or spare ribs)

1 half pint fig vinegar roasted cherry tomatoes

1 bunch ramps

1 head green leaf lettuce

2# white kennebec potatoes 

Trevor Clatterbuck
owner, Fresh Fork Market