Week 7 Winter Share

Fresh Salsa, Corn Chips, Beans, Chorizo, Red Cabbage, Apples, and Frozen Corn

Jan 14, 2014   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Sorry to be so late with this week's bag contents.  I've been waiting on my drivers to get around to everywhere today first before writing the e-blast.  I want to make sure everything comes in.  Last week's intense freeze really damaged our leafy vegetables and anything still left in the field.  I'm not complaining as it is mid-January and we have been lucky so far! 


The only item I'm still unsure about is kale.  We may have some, we may not.  I'll have to wait until Mike gets back to see if it was OK. 


But this is a good way to introduce the second part of the season.  The winter season is slightly "front loaded."  That means we take as much as we can in the fall as to not risk the farmer getting stuck with a bunch of food that is lost due to the cold or extended storage.  


For the next couple months, you'll notice a shift in our bag contents.  There will be less leafy greens, potatoes, and storage crops.  Instead, you'll see more meat and frozen vegetables.  We hope that these vegetables can supplement what you put up in the summer time.  For some of you, if there is more meat than you need, please consider putting some away for the spring/summer. 


This week's bag is a good example of what we put away.  In the summer, we had excess tomatoes and sweet corn. We were able to freeze both. The corn is great just pan fried with a little salt and pepper, or used in any number of dishes. The tomatoes are chopped and frozen in 2# blocks. These are great for fresh sauces, in chilis, stews/soups, made into a fresh salsa, or served with pasta.  The possibilities are endless and over the next 5 pickups you will see these two items several times (in addition to frozen berries, beans, and peas).  


The Unmarked Glass Jar

The unmarked glass jar in this week's bag is concord grape cider. It is pure grape cider with no sugar or water added.  It may be a little strong for some of you or your children.  Consider cutting it some with water and/or a little bit of sugar.  I personally like the tart/sweet and acidic characteristics of the juice as it is.  


Bean Choice this Week

This week we have a selection of beans.  We wanted to give everyone Adzuki beans, but I know that not everyone is familiar with them.  The Adzukhi is a very small Asian dried bean that can be used for anything from a salad of beans and kale to adzukhi flavored ice cream.  


Most of you will be familiar with the black beans as they have been in the summer bags.  If you haven't tried the akzukhi bean yet, I do encourage you to take that one.  We'll make that the default unless you specify otherwise.  


So here is this week's entire list: 


Winter Week 7 Share: 

1 Size Package, No Vegetarian or Vegan Options

1 lb chorizo or ground beef

1 bag corn chips

1 bag dried beans (select from Adzuki, pinto, or black)

1 pint frozen sweet corn

1 quart frozen chopped tomatoes

1 dozen spinach, garlic scape, and ricotta stuffed raviolis 

1 candy onion

1 quarter peck jonathon apples

1 red cabbage

1 pint fresh salsa (mild to mild-medium heat)

1 quart grape cider

1 dozen eggs

Trevor Clatterbuck
owner, Fresh Fork Market