Christmas Hams and Holiday Gift Ideas
Nitrate Free Berkshire Hams, Locally Made Ceramics, and much more
Dec 02, 2013   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



This week our Holiday Offerings are now available. The centerpiece of these offerings is always our nitrate free, hickory smoked Berkshire ham.  These hams weigh approximately 9 to 10 lbs, and some usually come in heavier.  We sell them by the piece at $60 each.  


Other notable offerings this Holiday Season include:


Handmade Ceramics by Gina Desantis.  Get your foodie friends a very unique gift, including our custom butter crocks (for keeping butter at room temperature), corn plates (to hold an ear of corn), and honey pots.  See photos and more details here:  

Hostess and Foodie Gifts.  Robert has been working for months to put together nice gift items that include handmade jams, preserves, cheeses, and more, all presented ready to gift.  Some even include a locally made cutting board.  Full details found in the gift guide here.  


To view all of our Holiday offerings or to purchase now, please visit this link:  http://freshforkmarket.com/2013/11/22/holiday-guide/ 


All items will be delivered the week of December 16th during our usual delivery locations, which can be found here:  http://freshforkmarket.com/1-csa-overview/winter-pick-up-locations/ 



Thanks for your attention to this email and we hope we can help you celebrate the holidays.

Trevor Clatterbuck