Thanksgiving Recipe Guide Available Now

Also, we'll have extra items available at the back of the truck

Nov 24, 2013   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Thank you again for joining us this Thanksgiving.  Earlier this month, about 75 of you joined us for a Thanksgiving Beer Dinner at Market Garden Brewery.  There we paired Thanksgiving courses with beer, and of course showed you how to prepare many of the dishes. 


The recipe guide from that evening is now online.  You can find it by clicking here:  Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Guide.  Please feel free to share it with friends/family.  


Areas to note would be the sections about:

Brining:  beginning page 6

Roasting a turkey (and alternative ways to cook a bird):  beginning page 10

What to do with leftovers:  beginning page 29


We hope this guide is helpful.  Should you have any suggestions, recipes, etc that you want to share, please send them to us along with a photo.  We are trying to collect recipes for next year so we can get working on it now.    


 Extras available at the back of the truck:  

We have had lots of folks asking if we'll have things available at the back of the truck this week.  The answer is yes.  Here is what to expect:


Our Staff Top Picks:  I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a bread as good as our "True Whole Wheat Bread."  Chef Parker is a huge fan of it and he suggests it for his bread stuffing/dressing recipe.  We call it a "true whole wheat" because the only flour in it is whole wheat flour that is milled as the bread dough is made.  Barbara, Michelle, and Mary, who make the bread at Wholesome Valley Farm, grind whole, organic wheat berries as they are making the dough. This has several advantages, but the biggest advantages are that it locks in the nutrients and flavor! 



Grass Grazed Milk.  Snowville $4.25 or 2 for $8.  Gurnsey Whole Milk $3.50

Pasture Raised Brown Eggs:  $3.50 per dozen, 2 for $6

Grass Grazed Butter, Salted or Un:  $8 for 2# roll

Whole Wheat Bread:  $5 per loaf, approx 24 oz loaf



Robert and I are loading up the coolers this week.  The last couple weeks we have been short on bacon.  Not anymore.  We will load up the trucks with meats that might come in handy for your Thanksgiving meal, including:

Nitrate Free Berkshire Bacon:  $6 per lb

Assorted ground sausages, such as Italian and Chorizo, which would go great in a stuffing:  $5 to $6 per lb

Breakfast Meats:  $6.  Be sure to try the Bacon Breakfast Patties, where we grind bacon and sausage together to make a tasty breakfast treat.  


Extra Produce:

Apple Cider:  $5 per gallon

Apples, assorted varieites available:  $3 per quarter peck (about 6 to 7 apples depending on size)

We will have some extra produce available at the back of the trucks, including pie pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, and brussel sprouts.  


Other Items:

We will have our usual selection of jams, jellies, and preserves, cheeses, and yogurts available at the back of the truck.  


Paying for Extras

Some of you are new customers this Thanksgiving.  We are excited to have you with us.  At the back of the truck we accept cash, check, and credit card.  Cash and checks are preferred as they are much faster, especially if you don't have an account setup yet on our website.  

Trevor Clatterbuck
owner, Fresh Fork Market