Week 3 Winter Share

Beef Roast, Brussels Sprouts, Pizza Dough, Aged Cheddar, Goldrush Apples and more

Nov 18, 2013   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



I hope you enjoyed Week 2 of our Winter Shares.  We not only enjoyed the bag but also the decent weather!  It has been the first week in several that I haven't gotten rained on.  


This week we are very busy not only with the usual deliveries but also getting ready for Thanksgiving.  And to top it off, we have a few projects this week.  First, on Tuesday I have Erin Kennedy of Channel 3 riding along with me to visit the Thanksgiving turkeys.  This is what you guys are probably most interested in.  In fact, I wrote a blog post to give you an update on the turkeys.  You can read it here.  If you haven't yet ordered your turkey, you are not too late.  See this link for more info on our Thanksgiving packages.  You may order online at http://csalogin.freshforkmarket.com or by replying to this email.  


Second, on Monday thru Friday we are working with Pisanick Partners and the Hudson School District to offer a 100% local feature item on the lunch menu at the Hudson Middle School.  This is a huge step towards a true farm to school solution!  Chef Parker, Robert, and myself will be busy all week hustling down there for each day's feature so we can work with the kids to explain the benefits of grassfed beef (Monday's burger bar), pasture raised chickens and organic grains (Tuesdays burrito bar), vegan and vegetarian choices (on Wednesday's "pasta" bar featuring spaghetti squash and a raw sauce), and just how good a home cooked Thanksgiving turkey and the sides can be (with Chef Parker on Thursday's Thanksgiving feast).  


Notable Items this Week

This week I am very excited about a few items, mostly produce. First, we are finally getting Brussels Sprouts. The plants have been stunted for a while and we think this week we'll get a good harvest. 


Second, purple potatoes. Last year we had a complete crop failure on these. This year is the complete opposite.  These potatoes are quite creamy, they store excellent, and they are purple all the way throughout.  


Finally, we have a lovely early winter surprise this week.  One of my growers called late this week and he decided to turn some heat on in his hoophouse and try to ripen some last green tomatoes on the vine.  He did and really got a good result.  So this week I have literally the last of the season slicing tomatoes!  They aren't quite as tasty or pretty as in August or September, but they beat the socks off of the hydroponic Canadian tomatoes in the grocery store.  Enjoy!  


 Extras, Featured:  

As some of you have noticed, we have been a little low on a few items lately, mostly bacon!  This week we are catching back up and do have a fresh shipment of bacon in, as well as most of our cheeses, granolas, etc. 


One item we are trying to stock out of before Thanksgiving is yogurt.  We got a shipment in last week but the Snowville Yogurts are usually only dated about 2 weeks.  We have some that are approaching date and we want to move them fast. This is the point that my staff usually starts taking them home and we have never had a problem until at least two weeks past the sell by date. 


This week we will have all the Snowville yogurts on sale for $4, including the Tumeric Mace and Lemon Ginger Dessert Yogurts. These will be available at the back of the truck.  


So here is this week's entire list: 


Winter Week 3 Share: 

1 Size Package, No Vegetarian or Vegan Options

1 grassfed beef roast

1 bunch parsnips

2 frozen pizza dough balls

1 piece Hulls Trace Aged Cheddar

1 lb or stalk of brussel sprouts

1 head green cabbage

1 quarter peck gold-rush apples

1 bunch mustard greens

3# bag all purple potatoes 

1 candy onion

1 bunch radishes

2 to 3 red slicing tomatoes, hoophouse

Trevor Clatterbuck
owner, Fresh Fork Market