Week 22 Summer Share

Beer Bratwurst, Cabbage, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, and more

Oct 28, 2013   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Wow, this is our last week of the Summer session.  I hope you have all enjoyed it and we hope to see you all winter long for the Winter Season.  


The last few weeks I have been a little short on words.  Not this week!  Lots of exciting stuff going on, so please scroll down below to get the full details.  The coolest things this week are new Crazy Monkey Granola and new Snowville Dessert Yogurts, such as the coffee cardamom.  


About this week's bag:  
As for this week's bag, I am really quite excited about it.  First, we have the return of the beer brats.  Based on your feedback we improved the recipe and we think we have a great product!  This sausage will be great served on the grill, roasted in the oven, poached in hot water, or even used in a casserole or stew.  


On the produce side this week, we get some hearty fall vegetables.  Cabbage, turnips, sweet potatoes, and celery root (celeriac) make up this week's bag.  For those of you who don't usually buy these ingredients, Parker and Robert have been working hard on some recipes.  


Here are some good blog posts you might find helpful this week:

Cabbage:  Parker's Stuffed Cabbage

Turnips: Turnip Frittata

Celery Root:  Pork & Celery Root Stew

Cornmeal: recipes like Grovewood cornbread, Julia Child's spoon bread recipe, corn cakes (pancakes), polenta, cornmeal dusted pork chops, etc Of course there are more recipes in our newsletter, and this week it is a big one, so there are lots of options for these great veggies.  Don't forget to subscribe to our blog, too, because there will be more interesting recipes popping up all week long!


For the large bags this week, the contents are a little up in the air.  I had a couple very special items picked out for you this week.  One of them was the Siberian Night Beer Cheese, which is a tomme hand washed in Thirsty Dog Brewery (Akron) Siberian Night IPA.  It is firm and nutty with a malty sweetness to the rind.  


Keeping in line with a cheese and wine theme, my other big ticket item for the larges and vegetarian bags was (is or maybe) Concord Grape Cider.  This product is just unbelievable.  Unfortunately, I have had to jump through a ton of hoops to try to get this product pasteurized and bottled.  To make a long story short, I have the juice (in 300 gallon totes) but am now searching for a new facility to pasteurize it and bottle.  My initial plan over the weekend got struck down today by an inspector (different than the first one who gave us the green light).   Sooooo.....it looks like the grape cider is unlikely but still possible.  I'm now scrambling to figure out a good alternative.  


Buying Extras, Week 22:  This week please plan on bringing your checkbook, cash, or a credit card.  Because it is the last week we can't simply put things on your account.    


Thanksgiving Beer Dinner:  Monday, November 11th at 6:30 PM

So if you haven't seen the email invite yet, we are having a Thanksgiving Beer Dinner at Market Garden Brewery, including a full family style meal, cooking demonstration, and beer pairing.  Tickets are on sale now and the event is $60 with the beer pairing and $50 without.  Full details and registration can be found at this link: Thanksgivng Beer Dinner


Winter CSA Season:  Registration now open

Our winter season starts next week already.  If you haven't signed up yet, it isn't too late.  Please visit the link below to register or simply call us at 800-861-8582.  Click here for Winter CSA Info.


The butter is back!  

I know at the back of the truck many of you were sad not to see the butter the last few weeks.  Fortunately Hartzler's has been able to fix the problem and we now have butter again.  The butter can be preordered online at http://csalogin.freshforkmarket.com or picked up at the back of the truck.  Butter is $8 for a 2# roll.  


New Flavored Yogurt!  

Our friends at Snowville are at it again with their crazy creations.  As to be expected, both new flavors are real grand slams.  The coffee cardamom of course just sounds great.  The Turmeric Mace, however, really catches you off guard with its spicy (not hot spicy) and warm flavors. 


Snowville is giving us a 2 week advantage over other retailers in the area.  In short, we are the only folks to get these yet!  They will sellout so please preorder yours at http:///csalogin.freshforkmarket.com before Tuesday at midnight.  


Coffee Cardamom:  $6

This is Snowville Creamery's new cream top dessert yogurt.  It is very thick and has a thick layer of cream that settles to the top.  This is because this yogurt is what is called a "cup set."  That means it is made in the cup and the fat rises to the top and looks like butter.  Some folks stir it in.  Others eat through it.


This one is a traditional Turkish coffee flavor, coffee and cardamom.  The cardamom is very pronounced and the coffee more subtle. This will be excellent with any chocolate desserts, with some of the new mocha granola, or simply eaten plain.  I can also see dressing a hot cup of Irish coffee with this as if it were whipping cream.


Turmeric Mace:  $6

Mace is the dried flesh that surrounds the allspice berry (think of it as a peach).  It has similar flavor notes but not as strong and spicy as allspice.  So this gives you a little idea of what this one tastes like. 


How to describe it?  Well, three of us tasted it.  All of us liked it.  We each described it differently.  I think there is a strong note of citrus, even lemon, that comes from the mace (which has an allspice type flavor).  There is also a soft "holiday" flavor that reminds you of pumpkin pie or apple pie spices.  This is a nice, balanced combination of flavors that would go great as a dollop on hot pumpkin pie, apple pie, or served with fresh sliced apples or canned peaches.  Another option might be to use it as a replacement for sour cream on nachos, fish tacos, or a baked potato.   Another option is to use it as a dressing for coleslaw with apples and cabbage. 


New Granolas from Crazy Monkey!  

I can't count the number of customers who are addicted to the Crazy Monkey Granolas.  They are downright amazing.  I've literally made customers play rock paper scissors over the last bag of dark chocolate chip.  

Well, Teresa is back in the kitchen experimenting and her two newest flavors are grandslams: Mocha and Gingerbread White Chocolate.   For the mocha, she uses a locally roasted coffee, fresh ground and brewed, and then uses that to make her mocha flavored granola.  The gingerbread white chocolate is self explanatory.  The smells and tastes of the holiday season are trapped in that bag with tasty white chocolate pieces.  


Both new granolas are available for preorder online at http://csalogin.freshforkmarket.com.  Both are $6.  



So here is this week's entire list: 


Summer Week 22: 

Small Share

1 package beer brats

1 head white stem bok choy

1 head green cabbage

1 candy onion

2# turnips

3# sweet potatoes

1 bulb celery root

2# bag cornmeal

1 quarter peck jonagold apples


Large Share

Small package plus:

2 ct acorn squash

1 piece Siberian Night Beer Cheese

1 or more mystery items (in case the grape cider doesn't work out)


 Vegetarian Substitutions (in place of sausage)

2 ct acorn squash

1 or more mystery items (in case the grape cider doesn't work out)


Vegan Substitutions (in place of sausage)

same as vegetarian 

Trevor Clatterbuck
owner, Fresh Fork Market