Week 21 Summer Share

Spelt Rosemary Linguine, Pepper Havarti Cheese, Broccoli, and more

Oct 21, 2013   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Fall is officially here.  For those who picked up on Saturday last week, you witnessed a few very wet and cold Fresh Forkers!  By the weather forecase, it looks like we will get that same treatment every day this week! 


This week's feature items are pasta and cheese. The pasta is a spelt rosemary linguine made by Ohio City Pasta with our organic, whole spelt flour.  It will be great with a light white sauce or simply oil/butter and some of the broccoli and sauted greens.  Another options is to toss in some pieces of roasted butternut squash from last week's bag.  


The pepper havarti is one made especially for us by Mayfield Road Creamery.  Susan wanted to stop making this cheese in favor of the chipotle gouda, which is easier to make.  I begged and we still have the pepper havarti to feature once per year.  It is creamy and has a mild heat to it with the pepper flakes in it.  I think you'll find this delicious with your pasta or simply as a snack. 


Also in the spirit of fall we have apple cider.  On some of these cold, wet evenings, try serving it warm with spices like cinnamon.   


Finally, this will be our last shot of concord grapes before the frost.  After this, apples are about all we have for fresh fruit for the fall!  You can expect some tasty Jonagold apples next week.   


A friendly bag reminder:  Please bring your bags back!  We are getting really low on bags.  We started the season with 12,000 bags and are almost out.  That means some of you have quite a few extras!  Please bring them back this week and I'll try to promise that Robert or Kevin won't give you any grief.  Actually, I can't promise that.  They harass everyone so you'll likely not escape a snarky remark.


About putting extras on account:  Next week is the last week for the season.  We will send out final statements this coming weekend so this week is the last week that you can put items on account.  For week 22 please plan on bringing a check, cash, or credit card for your extra items.  


So here is this week's entire list: 


Summer Week 21: 

Small Share

1 # spelt rosemary linguine

1 8oz piece pepper havarti

1 head broccoli

1-2 red onions

1 bunch carrots with tops

2-3 sweet bell peppers

1 quart concord grapes

1 half gallon apple cider

1 bunch mustard greens



Large Share

Small package plus:

1 pint cherry tomatoes

1 head cauliflower

1 bunch swiss chard

1 quarter peck honeycrisp apples

1 package bacon breakfast patties


 Vegetarian Substitutions (none needed)


Vegan Substitutions (in place of pasta and cheese)

Approx 1.5# heirloom tomatoes

1 bunch kale

1 quarter peck honeycrisp apples

2 ct eggplant

1 lb green romano beans (flat, Italian green beans)

Trevor Clatterbuck
owner, Fresh Fork Market