Week 11 Summer Share

Havarti cheese, chorizo sausage, peaches, carrots, and more

Aug 13, 2013   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



This week we are still waiting on some sunshine and heat!  Where is this summer?  I have a special bag planned for next week but need some heat first to get the roma tomatoes to ripen. 


But for this week, we will be enjoying some spicy chorizo sausage.  This sausage is great mixed with beef in burgers, stuffed in peppers, scrambled with eggs, stuffed in tacos, or even mixed with beans, tomatoes, and kale!  


Raw Food Cooking Workshop, Tuesday Aug 20th on rooftop

Please join us next week for an evening of healthy foods and fun as Marisa DiCenso Pelser of Pure Health and Fitness and the Raw Trainer teaches our guests how to make delicious and healthy raw food meals. 


The event is Tuesday, Aug 20th on the rooftop of the Hostel in Ohio City.  The event is $25 per person and pre-registration is required.  Please follow the link below for more information and to register.  Space is limited because the rooftop deck isn't that big (and we have to haul tables, chairs, and a bunch of equipment up the steps to the roof of a 4 story building in the middle of August).  


Register here:  Raw Food Cooking Class


New Cheeses

Last week Robert, Parker, and I visited the first ever Ohio Cheesemakers' Guild meeting.  We are now founding members!  


There we met with several cheesemakers and tasted some delicious cheeses. This week we have a few notable items:


Laurel Valley Cloverton - This is a soft, spreadable cheese similar to cream cheese but with more flavor.  I think you'll find this to be an amazing cheese to spread on crackers with a nice jam or even to use as a topping on a salad.  We only have 40 units of this so it is first come first serve. $6 per container.


Yellowhouse Blues - We have a couple new blue cheeses available this week from Yellowhouse Farmstead Cheeses in Seville OH.  One is a raw sheeps' milk blue and the other a raw cows' milk blue.  Both are very good but the sheeps' milk one got Robert, Parker, and I very excited.  We pick these up on Friday morning so they won't be available until then or available for preorder.  Both are $6 per piece, although the sheeps' milk pieces will be a little smaller. 


Mayfield Road Blue Gouda - Susan at Mayfield Road Creamery has a cheese that draws applause from restaurants and cheese counters, yet she rarely makes it because it has a tendency to interact with her other cheeses.  Well, right now we are lucky and she has her blue gouda available.  It is $8 per piece and we do have it in stock.  


Canal Junction Charloe - We have about 50 pieces of the Charloe available still.  This is our last shipment until October of this cheese. This is the bloomy rind, semi-hard cheese.  It is a raw milk, 60 day aged cheese with a gooey interior and firm, earthy rind.  This has become my new favorite cheese this year and we need to sell it all before I eat it all.  It is $6 per piece.  


To preorder the Cloverton, Charloe, or Blue Gouda, please login at http://csalogin.freshforkmarket.com and order by Tuesday at midnight for same week delivery. 



New Lemon Ginger Yogurt

OK, for the last two weeks the Wednesday and Thursday people have been yogurt crazy and the Friday folks haven't even gotten to try the new Lemon Ginger Yogurt yet.  I ordered twice as much as last week so I hope we have enough to go around.  This is the cream top, dessert yogurt from Snowville Creamery.  It is $6 per container. 


To guarantee that you get it, please preorder online at http://csalogin.freshforkmarket.com before Tuesday at midnight.  


New Fermented Items

Our friends at Wake Robin Foods have been working on some new creations. This week we have dilly beans and garlic pickle chips.  Both are quite tasty and are living, fermented products.  As a result, you won't see them on the table at the back of the truck.  We will try to bring some on each route so you have a chance to get them but you may also preorder them online in advance.  Both are $6 per pint.  


So here is this week's entire list: 


Summer Week 11: 

Small Share

1 lb chorizo sausage

1 candy onion

1 bunch curly kale

1 bunch carrots

1 pint cherry tomatoes

1 piece havarti cheese

1 dozen eggs

1 quarter peck red haven peaches 


Large Share

Small package plus:

1 pint blackberries

1 "personal sized" cantaloupe

A handful of medium hot block peppers

6 ears sweet corn

2 green bell peppers

2 ct cucumbers


 Vegetarian Substitutions (in place of sausage)

2# bag pinto beans

1 personal sized cantaloupe


Vegan Substitutions (in place of eggs and cheese)

Small except sausage, eggs, and cheese,

vegetarian additions,

1 pint blackberries

1 canary melon (kind of like a honeydew)


Trevor Clatterbuck
owner, Fresh Fork Market