Week 15 Winter Share

Ramp Linguini, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Kale, Smoked Gouda, and more

May 7, 2013   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Wow, the last week of the winter came fast and we are really gearing up for summer.  I was out at the orchard last night picking up the apples for this week and Rich was kind enough to take me on a thorough tour of the orchard.  Everything was beautiful in bloom!  He is expecting an excellent year.  He says it has been some time since he has had so many blossoms, particularly on the cherry trees.  We are looking forward to a good summer of fruit then!


But for this week the bag is going to be a little light.  I'm way over on the budget for the season and I keep saying I'm going to make it up each week...but then so many tasty things come in and I just have to serve em up!  


So this week's signature item is a custom ramp linguini that Ohio City Pasta is making for us with our own ramps and organic whole wheat flour.  We expect this to be very popular so we ordered plenty extra if you want to buy some to stash away in the freezer.  $5 per lb.  


To compliment the pasta, we suggest a light topping of roasted cherry tomatoes and maybe some shaved cheese.  We are providing the tomatoes and smoked gouda this week.  


Finally, if you want some meat in your pasta dish, consider making some delicious meatballs with some grassfed beef and berkshire pork.  Maybe work some ramps into it and any leftover fire roasted red peppers you had a few weeks ago.  


Other than that, not too many announcements this week.  Expect to see a separate email with your final balance for the winter.  We ask that if you do have a balance that you please bring payment with you this week.  



Don't forget to signup for Summer 2013.  The summer season registration has begun.   .  Please don't hesitate - registration only takes seconds.  You can do this at this link:  



Winter Week 15: 

1 lb ramp linguini

1 jar roasted cherry tomatoes

1 lb berkshire pork, ground

1 lb grassfed ground beef

1 bag ramps

1 dozen eggs

1 bunch kale

8 oz smoked gouda cheese

1 quarter peck Cameo apples


Trevor Clatterbuck