Week 6 Winter CSA

Whole chicken, funky radishes, kale, onions, carrots, beets, eggs, and more

Dec 31, 2012   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Tomorrow is New Years Day and despite the snow, cold, and holiday, the farmers and us will be getting your food ready for delivery this week.  In fact I even visited a few of the producers this morning to check in on how everything was doing.  At 8 AM I pulled into the first farm, put the truck in 4 wheel drive, and pushed through snow drifted up to my running boards.  There ahead of me was David on a sled behind a horse on his way out into the produce field.  David was going out to brush snow off this week's kale!  


So the theme this week is loosely focused on chicken dinner.  We have a whole pasture raised chicken, fresh, crisp kale, brussel sprouts, acorn squash, and much more. 


 Winter Week 6: 


1 whole chicken

1/2 lb kale

2 acorn squash

1 lb brussel sprouts

1 lb watermelon radishes (a radish with a thick, white skin and deep purple core)

2 lbs turnips

1 lb onions

1 lb carrots

1 lb beets

1 dz eggs

8 oz pepper havarti

Maybe....braising greens/salad mix if the farmers can find some extra labor for tomorrow


Have a happy New Year's Day and we'll see you later this week.  


Trevor Clatterbuck