Holiday Recipe Guide

A lengthy holiday newsletter! 

Dec 18, 2012   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



This week are our Holiday deliveries and the Winter CSA.  We are very excited about this week and have a few things to share:


Holiday recipe guide.  Chef Parker Bosley has assembled this diverse and comprehensive guide to hams, geese, and even breads and cookies.  See it at this link:   http://wp.freshforkmarket.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Winter-Holiday-Guide-2012.pdf 



Back of Truck Offerings.  This week we know many of you may be a bit stressed trying to figure out how to impress your guests.  I get questions each week at the back of the truck about the extra items we have, so I figured I'd spend a moment identifying some of my favorites (as they relate to the holidays):


-    Pepper Butter. $5  Yes, that orange stuff in the glass jar.  It is a spread/dip/mustard.  It is made from hot hungarian peppers, honey, vinegar, and spices.  I can't quite describe this hot-sweet item...other than absolutely delicious!   I thoroughly enjoy it on eggs at breakfast, on a ham sandwich, or on a cheese tray.  

-   Brussels Sprout Relish.  $8  Clark Pope and I are convinced that Anne at Anne's Raspberry Farm sold her soul to the devil for this recipe.  It is a relish made with onions, green peppers, and brussel sprouts.  The best way to highlight this product is to spread it on a cracker with cream cheese and a dallop of this on top.  I also like it as a compliment to lighter flavored meats, like turkey or pork.  This will be a great talking point to share with guests.  

-   Yogurt. $5   Our whole milk yogurt from Velvet View Farms is a shining example of a local, artisan product.  The milk travels only 17 feet from the utter to the pasteurizing tank where the yogurt is made.    It is thin, tangy, and excellent for more than just granola.  I use it in pancakes, in cornbread, and smoothies.  Essentially it can substitute for any cultured milk product (buttermilk or kefir) in a recipe.  

-   Cheeses.  $5 to $8.  There is no better way to keep your guests out of the kitchen than shove a cheeseboard in the living room...or outside even.  This is my trick at every party to buy myself an extra 30 minutes.  Try some of my favorites:  smoked gouda, beer cheese, havarti, and brie.  All quite unique and robust in flavor. 

-   Milk and Bacon.  $3.5 and $6.   There are certain staples around that house that one needs, and these are certainly 2 of them.  Our grass grazed, organic milk from Snowville Creamery is a customer favorite and an excellent treat for your guests (and we ordered extra for this week).  The bacon is a nitrate free, hickory smoked Berkshire bacon that will have you going back for more.  If you don't use it to cook with on Thursday, you can have it for breakfast on Friday.  I'm planning a breakfast sandwich with a few thick strips of chewy bacon, some thinly sliced turkey, thinly sliced apples, and maybe a few strips of brie, if I have any left after ol' Sandy finds the Cab and Brie on Thursday night (that's ma).

- Sauerkraut.  $5.    Our homemade, organic sauerkraut will be available off the back of the truck in 2# bags. This is a "refrigerator kraut," so please expect to keep it in the refrigerator.      

Happy Holidays! 

Trevor Clatterbuck