Week 5 Winter CSA

Pork Roast, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, Broccoli, Carrots, Parsnips, and much more

Dec 17, 2012   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



With this being the last pickup before New Years, we have been planning for some time a traditional New Years feast - pork roast, sauerkraut, and black eyed peas (essentially colored beans).   So that's what we have.


We also have a great deal of produce this week.  A lot more than what fits in my budget, but we'll take it while it is available (and adjust the budget on future bags). The broccoli made a second comeback with the warm weather and we have fresh heads of broccoli.  The cabbage has done the same and we have a beautiful harvest of green cabbage for this week.  We also have pie pumpkins (for making fresh pumpkin pie or pumpkin cookies), carrots, and parsnips. 


Each bag this week will also get a hefty 5# of white kennebec potatoes.  These general purpose potatoes will be great as mashed potatoes, or as in my case, the stuffing for homemade perogies for my family's polish Christmas party.  5# is much more than I usually put in a serving for a week, but the idea here is that you can store them better at your place than our farmers can at their place.  Once the potatoes are harvested they are harvested (no one is picking fresh potatoes throughout the winter).  So at this point is just a matter of where they are stored.  


The beans this week are a mixture of two heirloom varieties.  The red and brown ones are called a "horticulture" bean. The white and black ones are the calypso.  


Finally, we have a nice stir fry/braising mixture this week of fresh greens, radishes, and even a few leeks in each bag.  I'll be adding some garlic and red pepper flakes to mine, sauteing it up, and serving under my pork roast with some pan juices.  Tasty! 


NOTE:  The Lakewood customers and some of the Westlake customers received white potatoes last week as we were shorted sweet potatoes.  You will receive the sweet potatoes this week. 


Winter Week 5: 


1 pork roast, either Boston Butt, Arm, or Sirloin (all cook the same...the sirloin is just smaller and boneless)

2# homemade sauerkraut (we will have extra for sale, $5 per bag)

1 dozen pasture raised chicken eggs

1 lb carrots

Approx 2 lbs parsnips

1 pie pumpkin

1 lb colored heirloom beans, dried

12 oz grassfed swiss cheese

1 bag stir fry mix of greens, radishes, and leeks

5# bag white kennebec potatoes

1 head broccoli

1 head cabbage 


Trevor Clatterbuck