Week 4 Winter CSA

Unconditional warm weather brings on more veggies this week!  Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Beets, and more

Dec 03, 2012   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



This week the fun starts again as we begin our every-other-week delivery schedule for the rest of the winter. This week's bag is centered around an ingredient that I've been saving up for some time - smoked pork hocks.  I only get 2 to 4 pork hocks per pig (depending on how I cut the pig), so it takes quite a few pigs to gather a large supply for everyone's bag.  Try this week's ingredient in a soup (perhaps with leftover cabbage) or with some beans.


Other ingredients include black turtle beans from Shagbark Seed and Mill in Athens. They are getting ready to start processing their 2012 harvest (drying and cleaning them take place months after harvest) and need to move out the remaining inventory of beans, so we are giving them a hand! 


For produce, we have delicious curly kale, acorn squash, onions, brussels sprouts, apples, broccoli, beets, and mixed greens.


Finally, we have some meat choices - chorizo for those who like it hot and italian sausage for those who like a more mild flavor - that will compliment your bag well this week, particularly to cook up with the acorn squash (think of stuffing it) or with the kale.  


We'll see you at the usual pickup times and locations, and in case you forgot those, here is the link:  http://wp.freshforkmarket.com/1-csa-overview/winter-pick-up-locations/ 



Winter Week 4: 


1 smoked ham hock

2 lbs black turtle beans

1 lb kale

2 acorn squash

3 lbs sweet potatoes

Aprrox 1 lb onion

1 head broccoli (or 1 bag broccoli shoots...which are just smaller heads)

1 package chorizo or italian sausage

1 bunch beets with tops

1 bag mixed salad or braising greens

1 stalk brussels sprouts

1 quarter peck empire apples 


Trevor Clatterbuck