Week 17 Summer CSA Package 

Honey, Brie, and a blast of veggies

Sept 24, 2012   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



This week's cold, wet weather is quite a scare.  Some of my farmers had light frosts on Sunday and Monday morning, so this week we are going to showcase as much produce as we can before it is gone.  


One special ingredient this week is the brie (also referred to as camembert or bloomfield) by Mayfield Road Creamery.  Our Wednesday customers and the Thursday west-route customers received this product early on week 15.  We wanted to ship that item when it was fresh so it went out early.  The second batch of brie is coming in this week and the remaining customers will receive it.  


We also have honey coming in this week.  With the cool temperatures some of it may appear cloudy as it gets that way when raw honey gets cold.  This is normal and the honey can be made more liquid again by gently heating the bottle in warm/hot water.  Don't boil it. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  for those customers who usually go to Mayfield Heights High School, the pickup time this week is REDUCED.  The stop will now be from 4 to 6 PM this week only because of the school's homecoming football game and activities.  If you can't make it before 6 PM, please consider visiting the Beachwood location or any of the other locations.  The days, times, and addresses can be found here:  http://wp.freshforkmarket.com/1-csa-overview/pick-up-locations/ 


That being said, here is the package for the week.


Summer Week 17: 

Small CSA Share

1 piece Mayfield Road Creamery "Bloomfield," a brie style cheese

1 lb raw honey

1 bunch swiss chard

1 bunch carrots with tops

1 bunch radishes

1 bag mixed greens, can be used for braising or salad greens

1 head speckled romaine lettuce (it will have brown spots...that is how it should be)

1/2 dz ears sweet corn

1 quarter peck gala apples

1 butternut squash (2 if they are small...but that's doubtful based on what I've seen)


Large CSA Share Small contents above plus:

1 pint mixed color cherry tomatoes

2.5 lbs roma tomatoes

2 zucchini/squash

Approx 1 lb onions

1 head broccoli

A handful croatian sweet peppers


Vegetarian Share

No replacements

Add:  1 piece Mayfield Road Creamery gouda (Susan wants me to move it this week due to some issues on the packaging...so this will come out of a future budget) 


Vegan Share

1 head cauliflower

3 # bag sweet potatoes 



Trevor Clatterbuck