Introductory Veterinary Chiropractic  
Package Offer
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jordan Cook has become certified to offer Veterinary Chiropractic care . To celebrate this announcement we would like to offer an Introductory Veterinary Chiropractic Package for Dr. Cook's services.

The package includes an initial chiropractic exam as well as two progress chiropractic exams at a cost of $325.00 plus call fees and taxes ($130 before tax discount). Any horses who are enrolled in the Preventative Health Plan will receive an additional 5% off of this package as well. This offer will be available March 1- April 30, 2015. In order to take advantage of this introductory offer payment for the entire package is required at time of purchase.

Dr. Cook  will be offering veterinary chiropractic care to our clients in our Niagara and Campbellville locations. Appointments can be booked at your convenience and are not limited to the months of March and April.

 For more information on chiropractic care and the Preventative Health Plans visit our website  at
Call the office to book your appointment today. 
Campbellville/Niagara 866-856-3260  or email
**Appointments must be within Dr. Cook's regular service areas.**
Meet the Vet: Dr. Jordan Cook: McKee-Pownall Equine Services- Niagara
Equine Chiropractic: How do we decide where to adjust?
Dr. Jordan Cook is a graduate from the Ontario Veterinary College. She completed an internship in Equine Medicine and Surgery Internship at Moore Equine Veterinary Center in Calgary before joining us at the Niagara location in August 2011.  Jordan grew up in Oakville, Ontario riding both jumpers and dressage horses.  Dr. Cook's interests lie in Lameness, Sport Horse Medicine, Dentistry, Emergency Care and Chiropractic Care.
Chiropractic can help to address many problems in horses, including back, neck, and sacro-iliac pain, general poor performance, uneven gaits, lack of impulsion, and poor attitude. It is also a very useful complement to traditional lameness therapies such as joint and sacro-iliac injections, and to assist in the assessment of difficult lameness cases.

In this video series Dr. Kathryn Surasky answers frequently asked questions about equine chiropractic services. In this video she addresses the question "How do we know where to adjust the horse?"
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