February is Dental Health month at McKee-Pownall
Book your horse to have their teeth floated in the month of February and we will waive the call fee! 

Regular dental care is an important part of keeping horses happy, healthy, and pain-free. We want to encourage every horse to have a thorough oral exam and dental float as part of their preventative health program.

Call the office to book your appointment today. 
Campbellville/Niagara 866-856-3260   Newmarket 855-898-0370 or email
**Appointments must be within our regular service areas. Some restrictions apply**
Equine Dentistry:
A little bit of education goes a long way toward increasing people's comfort level when it comes to power dentistry.  Read more about some myths and truths.
In this video Dr.Michelle Courtemanche discusses and demonstrates routine equine dentistry with a power float.

Horses can suffer from many dental disorders that can affect feed utilization, performance, and general well-being. An annual dental visit that includes a thorough examination and tooth floating if necessary will ensure optimal dental performance. 
Having routine dentistry performed on your horse is one aspect of your horse's preventative health care.  We have developed an annual prepaid wellness program specifically designed to provide you with peace of mind knowing that all of your horse's wellness needs are taken care of. For more information on our Preventative Health Care Plans click here: PREVENTATIVE HEALTH
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