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By Martha Manuel
Treason & Murder on False River)

Political Treason
(By: Martha Gabour Manuel)

Item # 17

This book is the highly anticipated sequel to Murder on False River, a shooting at the Louisiana State Capitol sends shockwaves through Baton Rouge...and leaves Senator Devereaux's stepson, Dylan, in critical condition.


Not since Governor Huey P. Long has there been a shooting at the capitol, and the already politically charged city is on high alert.  Is there a sinister plot designed to manipulate and take control of the state of Louisiana, and what is in the mysterious missing envelope that triggered the shooting?


When speculation meets actual fact, it's hard to know who to trust or what to believe.  In this fast-paced political thriller, even the ghost of Huey Long is rumored to be roaming the halls of his beloved state capitol at night, searching for answers.



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 Murder on False River

(By: Martha Gabour Manuel)



Item # 16
The story is completely fictional.  
Many locations featured in the novel do exist
and a few events show similarities of events that did take place.
"Murder on False River delivers suspense, romance, and danger in a gripping page turner."


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New Item!

Metal Detecting, Louisiana, My Stories Books

Item # 1
Book Written By:
Brent Thompson
This book is a book written about metal detecting in Louisiana and the author briefly describes his techniques and learning to metal detect.  There of pictures of his relics and he list books and references that helped him identify his relics.

Their are two books, but they both contain the same information in them; One is the  Color Version & and the Other is B & W.


 Our Color Metal Detecting Book, Louisiana's Price: 
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Our  Black & White Metal Detecting Book: 


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You Ain't Ready For A It Cookbook



Item # 2

This is a cookbook that consists of Dewey Reed's Family Recipes.  Each page has  recipes hand written and characters hand drawn.
 The book is also hand bounded the Dewey Reed, one of Pointe Coupee's well known artist. This makes it so unique.

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 A History Of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana

(Book Written By

Brian J. Costello)

Item # 3

Brian Costello is considered Pointe Coupee Parish's  local historian's. A History of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana is only one of the many  books books written by Brian J. Costello. It was published by Margaret Media, Inc. in 2010.


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Ursula's Hand Crafted Purses  

Item # 4

Hand crafted and purses sewn by Ursula Parker. Available in different patterns and sizes. 





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New Roads and Old Rivers Book 
New Roads and Old Rivers Book
 Item #5
 This book features Louisiana's Historic Pointe Coupee Parish written by Richard Secton & Text By Randy Harelson with Brian Costello and Photographs by Richard Sexton

Our Price: $52.07
(Includes Tax & S & H) 

Prints By Local Artist; Carol Hurst; 

St. Mary of False River & St. Francis of Pointe Coupee  Catholic Churches

Carol Hurst 5 x 7 prints

Items #'s 6 & 7

5" x 7" prints of the St. Mary of False River Catholic Church and St. Francis of Pointe Coupee Catholic Chapel


 Call for names of other prints & prices for larger print prices


Our Price: $16.25 

(Includes Tax and S & H)

St. Ann Morganza Extravaganza

Morganza St. Ann Cookbook 

Item # 8





A favorite small town recipe book that features many tasty recipes submitted by people who attend St. Ann Catholic Church

Our Price: $29.13
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False River T- Shirts
Item # 9

These T-shirts are designed by the local
artist, Ann Bachman.  The are  very colorful. They
both have scenes of False River on the fronts of them.  The shirt on the left side
names the five regions around False River; New Roads, Lakeland, Jarreau, Ventress & Oscar.  The T-Shirt on the right is a colorful view of New Roads, LA from the False River side.


Our Prices:

$29.59 for All Sizes

Small, Med., L, & XL  

(Includes Tax and S & H)
T-shirts of St. Mary & Pointe Coupee Parish Courthouse designed by Carol Hurst

Courthouse & Church Tea Shirts

Items # 10 & 11

These T-shirts have scenes of the Pointe Coupee Parish Courthouse  or the St. Mary of False River Catholic Church 
 Availble colors are;  Navy Blue or Off White


Our Price: $18.50


Our Prices:

$18.50 for All Sizes;

Small, Med., L, & XL

 (Includes Tax and S & H)

Maniare Con Gusto

Italian Home Cooking Cookbook

Italian Cookbook Photo

Item # 12

This is a cookbook by Mary F. Garisco
It has great Italian recipes, but a special section consist of recipes of foods found on The Saint Joseph Altar



Our Price: $14.00

(Includes Tax and S & H)

Ursula's Crayola Book Bags  


Item # 13





Includes: Writing Tablet and Bag 

Includes Writing Tablet and Crayons






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(Includes Tax and S & H)

Poydras High School Minature Building Lamp

Poydras High School

 Item # 14

Historical Poydras High School Building Lamp



Shipping prices will vary depending delivery location. More details will follow on shipping prices after you purchase the item 








Our Price: $49.50

(Includes Tax & S & H)

Prints By Carol Hurst;
12" x 16" Bordelon's Lumber Black & White Print


Item # 15


Tropical Garden Landmark; Business, formerly on the Banks of False River



Our Price: $ TBA  

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