Southeast Museum of Photography

Selections from the Permanent Collection of the Southeast Museum of Photography
Leah King-Smith, Nancy Goldring, Barbara Norfleet

November 10, 2012 - February 9, 2013
Friday, November 9, 5-7pm: Exhibition Opening

Atlantic Center for the Arts: Mark and Margery Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery 


  Selections from the Southeast Museum of Photography Collection

  November 10, 2012 - February 9, 2013



      Leah King-Smith       Leah King-Smith   




Leah King-Smith

Patterns of Connections (1991) 


"This photo-composition series is essentially about renewing people's perceptions of Aboriginal (Koori) people. A guiding element behind this work comes from the contrasting cultures of my own ancestral backgrounds, having a black aboriginal mother and a white Australian father of British descent. By re-placing the Koories in my work, I am showing my concerns about how the original photographs, and those generally of indigenous peoples in the 19th century, are evidence of the cultural bias of the civilization which produced them, and in so being, generate an inaccurate version of the presence of Aboriginal people from this point of view." - Leah King Smith


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  Selections from the Southeast Museum of Photography Collection

  November 10, 2012 - February 9, 2013



        Nancy Goldring        Nancy Goldring  




Nancy Goldring

Isurumuniya (The Lovers)


"Each image suggests a different aspect of an ancient rock-cut temple in Sri Lanka; and together the series intends to evoke the site as studied, experienced, and finally remembered. The circular format, a kind of lens or peephole through which we glimpse the place, derives from early Buddhist motifs representing the endless cycle from which we strive to attain release. In its reliance on this model, the piece reflects the beliefs that guided the original design of the temple. Each photographic tondo contains a likeness of the temple fašade; and each offers a discrete description that co-exists with and amplifies the others. I have excavated Isurumuniya, searching for the fundamental meaning of the place, sifting through layers of information drawn from early documents and nineteenth travel photographs, and then re-set this trans-historical reconfiguration into its contemporary landscape, the way I saw it." - Nancy Goldring 


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  Selections from the Southeast Museum of Photography Collection

  November 10, 2012 - February 9, 2013



         Barbara Norfleet       Barbara Norfleet     




Barbara Norfleet 

Insects (1991-1997)


"Photos of human workers engaged in meaningless toil would make a somewhat overdone point, but Norfleet's carefully posed insects and strange, barren landscapes pull us away from the familiar just enough to make us see things we might have missed. Her gorgeous and rare insects are so peculiar, so engagingly presented that they provoke brand-new reactions to such activities as capital punishment, domestication of other animals, and war. Insect society seems to have a lot in common with our own. Besides the thoughtful and clever poses, each photo affords a close look at some of the most amazing creatures you'll ever see. It's a wonderland of entomological ecstasy." - Therese Littleton


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This is the second season of an exhibiting partnership between the Southeast Museum of Photography and the Atlantic Center for the Arts. The exhibition will open Friday, November 9 from 5-7pm in the Atlantic Center for the Arts' Mark and Margery Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery. The opening will be held in conjunction with the ACA's "notorious" Wham Bam Poetry Slam. Both events are free and open to the public.


Friday, November 9, 2012
5-7pm - Exhibition Opening at ACA's Mark and Margery Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery

7pm - ACA's Poetry Slam 


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