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Gulfstream Awarded the 2014 Collier Trophy

NAA President & CEO, Jonathan Gaffney (left) and NAA Chairman, Jim Albaugh (right center), present the 2014 Collier Trophy to Gulfstream President, Larry Flynn (left center) and General Dynamics President & CEO, Phebe Novakovic (right).

Over 400 members of the aviation and space community gathered together on June 3, 2015 to award the Robert J. Collier Trophy to Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation "For the development of the Gulfstream G650 Business Jet, which strengthened business aviation through significant technological advancements in aircraft performance, cabin comfort, and safety."


Administered by the National Aeronautic Association and displayed at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, the Collier Trophy is awarded annually "...for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America" in the preceding year.  At seven and a half feet tall and over 500 pounds, the trophy represents a timeline of air and space achievements marking major events in the history of flight. 

Historic Hangar 7 at Reagan National Airport provided the ideal backdrop for the 100th presentation of the Collier.  The trophy, which travels from the Smithsonian one night each year to take part in the awards ceremony, served as the centerpiece of the event and was highlighted by a pair of G650 aircraft.  Throughout the course of the evening, guests toured the jets and met the pilots and crew members.  Also on exhibit was an expansive collection of the 49 World Records collected by the aircraft, including an around-the-world flight in 2014.

Jim Albaugh, Chairman of the National Aeronautic Association, captured the essence of the Gulfstream's monumental achievement by declaring that the G650 " an example of a business jet that all others will measure against for decades to come."


The evening concluded with the presentation of the Collier Trophy to Gulfstream and their parent company, General Dynamics.  Phebe Novakovic, President and Chief Operating Officer of General Dynamics, accepted the trophy on the company's behalf, affirming that "Gulfstream is an innovative company dedicated to excellence and this award demonstrates that spirit." 


Larry Flynn, President of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, echoed Ms. Novakovic's sentiments and added that the Collier Trophy "represents far more than the accomplishments of an aircraft.  It represents the men and women behind the product, the suppliers who supported it, the customers who believe in it, and the dreams that gave us the wings to fly."


When Robert J. Collier commissioned the trophy 105 years ago, he probably never dreamed that it would be awarded to an aircraft as advanced as the Gulfstream G650.  However, the timeless value of his trophy ensures that when these events occur, that they are marked with a historic celebration.  Congratulations to Gulfstream for the extraordinary accomplishment that is the G650 Business Jet.


For more photos from the Collier Dinner, please click here.


NAA Board of Directors and 2014 Collier Selection Committee with General Dynamics Board of Directors and Gulfstream Leadership 

Durwood "Skip" Ringo to Receive the 2015 Henderson Trophy

The National Aeronautic Association is proud to announce that Durwood "Skip" Ringo has been selected as the recipient of the 2015 Cliff Henderson Trophy. 

Durwood "Skip" Ringo

he trophy is awarded to "...a living individual, group of individuals, or an organization whose vision, leadership or skill made a significant and lasting contribution to the promotion and advancement of aviation and aerospace in the United States."  The recipient is named by the President of NAA and confirmed by a vote from the members of the Executive Committee.


NAA will present the Henderson Trophy to Mr. Ringo on July 15, 2015 at the Annual Henderson Trophy Luncheon at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia.  The Honorable Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force, will be the guest speaker at the luncheon.


To read the press release, please click here 

Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2014

As the official record keeper for United States aviation, the NAA tracks dozens of world and national record attempts each year.  New U.S. records are certified and those qualifying as world records are then ratified with the F�d�ration A�ronautique Internationale (FAI).  At the end of each year, under the direction of the NAA Contest and Records Department, records certified for that year are reviewed and a list of the "most memorable" is created.


Here is the list for 2014:


Jim Payne

Free Three Turnpoint Distance:  1,052.37 miles

Record for gliders (motorgliders, flown single-place)


James Blase and Stephanie Ruyle

Speed Over a Recognized Course, Palm Beach, FL to Birmingham, UK:  619.71 mph

Record for airplanes (jet engine, weighing 35,274 < 44,092 lbs)

Lee Behel

Speed Over a 15 Kilometer Course:  378.63 mph

Record for airplanes (piston engine, weighing 1,102 < 2,205 lbs)


Zachary Reeder

Speed Over a 5,000 Kilometer Closed Course:  207.81 mph

Record for airplanes (piston engine, weighing 2,205 < 3,858 lbs)


John McNeil 

Distance in a Straight Line:  18.64 miles

Record for model aircraft (radio controlled helicopter, electric motor)


Alan Eustace

Exit Altitude:  135,898 feet

Record for parachutes


Peter LeHew, John Cody Allee, David Paul Gerhardt, Joel Walker, and Thomas Washington 

Duration:  80 hours, 2 minutes, 52 seconds

Record for unmanned aerial vehicles (remotely controlled, internal combustion & jet engine, weighing 11,023 < 22,046 lbs)


The record setters will be honored at NAA's Summer Awards Ceremony which will be held on July 14, 2015 at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Historic Terminal A, Washington DC.  


To read the press release, please click here.

2015 Young Artists Contest Winners


In May 2015, the F�d�ration A�ronautique Internationale (FAI), announced the winners of the 2015 FAI Young Artists Contest.  A jury selected the three best paintings for each of the categories: Junior (ages 6-9), Intermediate (ages 10-13), and Senior (ages 14-17).  Four young artists from the United States placed in the international contest.


The winners from the United States were:


Junior Category:

1st Place: Xinyun Zhou (Pennsylvania)

2nd Place ex aequo: Xinyi Zhang (New Jersey) 


Intermediate Category:

1st Place: Jasmin Yoon (Virginia) 


Senior Category:

2nd Place: Xincheng Zhou (Pennsylvania) 


The theme for this year's competition was "Create a poster for the FAI World Air Games in Dubai 2015 on the occasion of the FAI flagship event which will take place from 1 to 12 December 2015."


The winning paintings can be viewed in in an FAI photoset on Flickr. They can also be downloaded in high resolution from the FAI Cloud.

Congratulations to the winners of the FAI Young Artists Contest and thank you to all who participated.

Artwork from the winners of the 2015 FAI Young Artist Contest

Change in Application Process for FAI Sporting Licenses


An FAI Sporting License is required for all record attempts and all FAI sanctioned events and competitions. Sporting License applicants must be a member of NAA and/or a current member of the apporpirate NAA Air Sport Organization. NAA members participating in competitions and/or record setting activities can receive a one-year FAI Sporting License at no cost, but must complete and application for the sporting license.


Due to FAI policy changes, you must apply for a Sporting License at least 14 days prior to your record attempt or competition. Applications submitted less than 14 days prior to the event may not be processed in time to allow you to participate.

To apply for an FAI Sporting License online, click here.

To download an application form, click here.

NAA 2015 Luncheon Series


Henderson Trophy Luncheon


The Honorable Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force


July 15, 2015
Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA

With guest speaker, the Honorable Deborah Lee James, 
Secretary of the Air Force

Also featuring the Henderson Trophy presentation to 
Durwood "Skip" Ringo

To register, please click here.

NAA gratefully acknowledges the support of our 

2015 Luncheon Sponsors:  

Aerojet Rocketdyne, Boeing, GE Aviation, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Rolls-Royce North America, UTC/Pratt & Whitney, 
Aurora Flight Sciences, and The Ringo Group

Air Sport Organization News


U.S. Paraglider Pilots Compete in the 2015 Red Bull X-Alps


On July 5, 2015 the world's toughest adventure race starts in Salzburg, Austria. Four U.S. paraglider pilots will join 29 other athletes from around the world, racing 1,038km (645 miles) across the Alps only by foot or by paraglider. The last race (in 2013) was the fastest yet, with the winner - 3-time champion Christian Maurer of Switzerland - reaching Monaco in 6 days, 23 hours, 40 minutes after flights up to 4000m (13,000 feet), coverage an average straight-line distance of 150km (93 miles) a day. In order to take off for those flights athletes must hike to appropriate peaks and ridges - or simply keep hiking to cover the distance. In 2007, second-place finisher (and the only athlete to have competed in all 6 X-Alps) Toma Coconea of Romania hiked - or rather, ran - 981km (610 miles), more than 70% of the course!


The website will have in-depth coverage, including stories, photos, and videos sent in daily from each team along with reports from a full-time news desk. However, the page that many followers keep open for two weeks in July is Each athlete carries a GPS tracking device that provides live map updates, so you can follow the action as it happens: who is flying, who is hiking, and who is pushing to take the lead. The live tracking starts July 2, 2015 with a one-day Prologue event rewarding the top finishers with a head start on race day.


Until race day, you can get a glimpse into the preparations required for such an endeavor. Every athlete has a Diary with information about training regimens, photos, and a glimpse into what it takes to hike and fly over 600 miles of the Alps:


Paragliders from the United States prepare for the 2015 Red Bull X-Apls

Troy Bradley Awarded BFA's 
Shields-Trauger Memorial Award
Troy Bradley and the Two Eagles gas balloon

In April 2015, Troy Bradley, one of two pilots from the record-breaking Two Eagles flight, was awarded with the Balloon Federation of America's highest honor, the Shields-Trauger Award.

The award is for "an active balloonist's special contribution to Aerostatics" through notable flight, worthwhile contribution to science and aviation, important contribution to ballooning safety, or exemplary service to BFA.


Troy and his Russian co-pilot Leonid Tiukhtyaev, lifted off in a gas balloon from Saga, Japan on the morning of January 24, 2015 at 0623 local time (21:23Z) and landed just off the coast of Baja, California, Mexico the morning of January 31, 2015 at 0657 local time (13:57Z).  The flight lasted over 160 hours and covered over 10,700 km (6,600 statute miles).  This record was certified by the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) on May 28th and is awaiting certification from the F�d�ration A�ronautique Internationale (FAI). 


US Wingsuit Skydivers Go to First-Ever Wingsuit World Cup


U.S. Wingsuit Flying Team

The U.S. Parachute Association recently sent the first-ever U.S. Wingsuit Flying Team to the 1st World Cup of Wingsuit Performance Flying at Netheravon, U.K., May 25-30. The International Parachuting Commission, which oversees skydiving competition on behalf of the F�d�ration A�ronautique Internationale, made wingsuit flying into an official competition discipline at its annual meeting this past January, and the world's top wingsuit skydivers wasted little time preparing for the first World Cup.


In wingsuit skydiving, skydivers wear suits specially designed for extended horizontal glide and longer freefall time. Wingsuit competition includes two events-acrobatic and performance flying. Led by Team Captain Scott Callantine, the U.S. Team included ten members, five of which placed in the top 15 out of 56 competitors from around the world. Espen Fadnes of Norway won the overall championship.



Bob Carlton to Receive 2015 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship


World Airshow News has announced that Bob Carlton is the 2015 recipient of the Bill Barber Award for Showmanship. Carlton joins a long list of honorees that reads like an airshow hall of fame.


Bob Carlton began his fascination with aviation as a young boy flying control line models. He learned to fly in 1979 at age 19 and soon mastered hang gliders, sailplanes, powered airplanes, and helicopters. He began flying sailplane airshows in 1993.


After he began flying airshows, Carlton often found it difficult to arrange for a tow plane at each show site. His engineering background led to the development of the world's first twinjet sailplane, which allowed him to climb to altitude under his own power.


His innovative approach to glider aerobatics continued with the addition of the Super Salto jet sailplane in 2009. With a more powerful jet engine, the Super Salto not only allowed Carlton to climb to altitude without a tow plane, but he could also perform a full low-level aerobatic routine under power.


Carlton's latest addition to his airshow stable is the SubSonex JSX-2 microjet kit aircraft. He serves as the chief test pilot for the little jet and has debuted a full aerobatic airshow routine in the SubSonex for the 2015 airshow season.


Bob Carlton lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife Laurie and their dog, Ginger. He is a member of the Soaring Society of America and the International Council of Air Shows. He is also a retired rocket scientist for a major national laboratory.


The Bill Barber Award for Showmanship began in 1986, and is awarded to airshow performers or teams that have demonstrated great skill and showmanship. World Airshow News magazine and the friends and family of the late Bill Barber present the award annually.


The award will be presented on Tuesday, July 21 during EAA AirVenture at EAA's Theater in the Woods.  


Bob Carlton



Front-Line Earthquake Relief from Paraglider Pilots

KarmaFlights Paraglider Pilots


The paraglider pilots of KarmaFlights, based in Pokhara, Nepal, were the first to provide aid and assistance to the Nepalese villages at the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred April 25, 2015.

KarmaFlights is a project of The Cloudbase Foundation, a US-based nonprofit founded by paraglider and hang glider pilots to "make a difference in the communities where we fly". As one of the few organizations both able to render immediate, direct aid and also marshal resources from around the world, KarmaFlights has been internationally recognized as one of the most effective "boots on the ground" aid-organizations assisting the Nepali people in the wake of this disaster. Further, 100% of donations made go directly to providing relief to those affected.


Mike Meier Inducted into Rogallo Hall of Fame

Mike Meier (right) inducted into Rogallo Hall of Fame

The Rogallo Foundation honors those who have made important contributions to the sport of hang gliding and low-speed flight. This year Mike Meier, of Wills Wing, was inducted in the Rogallo Hall of Fame for his long-time support of unpowered free flight and his contributions to the advancement of hang glider design and safety. 


Most recently, Mike received the Jack Northrop Award for the most outstanding technical paper presented at the annual Society of Experimental Test Pilots West Coast symposium, for his paper, "Lessons Learned and Murphy's Corollary".


Aero Club News


AMA Model Aviation Day

Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Foundation in celebrating model aviation for the Third Annual National Model Aviation Day on August 15, 2015. National Model Aviation Day was created to encourage clubs to celebrate the hobby and share it with the public. 


AMA's chartered clubs have also been asked to conduct a fundraiser to provide assistance to a worthy cause. For the third year in a row, all club efforts will support the Wounded Warrior Project. Together, approximately 200 of AMA's clubs have contributed a total of $176,000 to support the Wounded Warrior Project's full range of programs and services for this generation of injured veterans and their families.


Atlanta Aero Club Hosts Unmanned Aircraft System Panel Discussion


On June 25th, 2015 The Atlanta Aero Club hosted their bi-monthly luncheon at the Capital City Club with a Panel Discussion on the topic of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. With over 90 members and guests, the panel consisted of: Captain Michael K. Wilson, FAA, Unmanned Aircraft System Program Manager; Captain John D. Lambert, Associate at Nexutech, specializing in Maritime and Air Unmanned Systems; Paul Ferguson, CNN, Will Wheeler, UAS operator for Phoenix Air Unmanned (a division of Phoenix Air Group), pilot and remote-control aerial cinematographer; and moderator, Amanda J. Hill.  


Phoenix Air Group was awarded the 2015 EPPS Award, in recognition of the company's efforts in transporting Ebola patients from West Africa to treatment facilities in the U.S. The EPPS Award recognizes Outstanding Aviation Achievement.


The Atlanta Aero Club is dedicated to providing a forum for matters affecting aviation in the Atlanta area, both commercial and general; recognizing and awarding those making the greatest contribution to furthering aviation in the Atlanta area; communicating and disseminating information affecting aviation; and promoting all aviation and recognizing its importance to the metropolitan area and to the State of Georgia. For more information on the Club, please visit the AAC website at:



News from the Aero Club of Northern California


More than 200 pilots packed the NASA Moffett Field Conference Center April 30 for Accident Wise 2015, an aviation safety seminar organized by the Aero Club of Northern California.  The event was co-sponsored by AOPA's Air Safety Institute, the NASA Airspace Operations and Safety Program (AOSP), the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), and Cirrus Aircraft.


Rick Beach, aviation safety chair for the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) and a veteran of three NTSB investigation teams, discussed general aviation accidents in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Air Safety Institute's Tom Curran discussed surviving an aircraft accident after an off-airport crash. He explained how smart pilots prepare and take basic precautions from route planning and emergency rations to signal mirrors and satellite phones to maximize chances of survival and rescue after a crash.  The safety seminar was one of several Aero Club events during the spring.


On March 22, club members toured the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station at San Francisco International Airport. The air station operates four MH65C helicopters and provides search and rescue coverage along 300 miles of California coastline.


On April 8, aeronautical engineer Alan Brown, program manager and chief engineer for the F-117A Stealth Fighter from initial concept until the first production aircraft was built, spoke to a packed Aero Club luncheon.   Brown reviewed the history and engineering design challenges in designing the nation's first radar-invisible aircraft. He was working in Lockheed's propulsion division when he was asked to join the Skunk Works to develop an innovative engine inlet that could trap incoming radar signals. Later Brown became program manager and chief engineer for the F-117A.


Club members touring the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station at San Francisco International Airport


Abe Karem Awarded 2015 Godfrey L. Cabot Award


Abe Karem (center) accepting the Cabot Award

The Aero Club of New England presented their prestigious 2015 Godfrey L. Cabot award to Abe Karem, President of Karem Aircraft on June 5th at the Harvard Club in Boston, MA.  The award was presented to Mr. Karem to honor his lifetime innovation creating remotely piloted, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's).


These UAV's have revolutionized modern aviation with their use in both civilian and defense applications. His designs have fundamentally defined the basic configuration for the majority of fixed wing and single-rotor UAV's.



The Millionaires Unit - U.S. Naval Aviators in the First World War


On June 25, 2015, over 40 people gathered at the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center at the Lost Angeles International Airport to hear Darroch Greet, co-producer of The Millionaires Unit speak.  The movie details the story about a privileged group of Yale college students who formed a private air militia in preparation for America's entry into World War One.  The unit became the founding squadron of the U.S. Naval Air Reserve and was the first to fly for the United States in the Great War.  Highlights from the upcoming movie were screened at the event.


For more information, please visit click here.


The Millionaires Unit


AMA Pilot Receives Andrei Tupolev Aeromodelling Medal


Carl Dodge

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is proud to announce that Carl Dodge of Richmond Heights, OH, has been awarded the Andrei Tupolev Aeromodelling Medal by the F�d�ration A�ronautique Internationale (FAI). Carl is the first American pilot to win the award, and the first AMA member to be recognized with this medal.


The Andrei Tupolev Aeromodelling Medal was established in 1989. It may be awarded annually on recommendation by the FAI Aeromodelling Commission to any aeromodeler who in the same year won the FAI World Championship and the National Aeromodeling Championships (Nats) in the same class of models. It is donated annually by the NAC of Russia. Not more than one medal may be awarded each year. The FAI is the international body for all air sport international championships, competitions, and record-keeping.


Carl was nominated for the award after winning the 2014 FAI World Championship for Control Line Model Aircraft held in Wloclawek, Poland, in August of 2014, and the 88th Nats for F2A Control Line Speed in Muncie, IN, in July 2014.


Summer 2015


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Records Claimed
March 1, 2015 to
May 31, 2015

FAI Smaller   




Altitude (plus Payloads of 35,000 kg to 120,000 kg):  37,051 ft

Altitude in Horizontal Flight:  37,041 ft

Greatest Payload:  265,304 lbs

Time to Climb to 3,000 Meters (plus Payloads of 35,000 kg to 120,000 kg):  4 min 4 sec

Time to Climb to 6,000 Meters (plus Payloads of 35,000 kg to 120,000 kg):  8 min 20 sec

Time to Climb to 9,000 Meters (plus Payloads of 35,000 kg to 120,000 kg):  14 min 1 sec

Jonathan M. Flowers, Matthew Etlinger, 

Matthew E. Jones, Christopher L. Boots, Christopher Jay Kerr, Matthew A. Thomas, Jason D. Matsuoka & Justin A. Thomas

Class C-1.t, Group III (Jet)

Lockheed Martin C-5M

4 General Electric


Travis AFB, CA



Speed Over a 3 km Course:  389 mph

Time to Climb to 3,000 Meters:  2 min 3 sec

Elliot D. Seguin

Class C-1.c, Group I (Internal Combustion)

Lancair Legacy

1 Continental TSIO-550

Mojave, CA



Speed Over a 2,000 km Closed Course:  254 mph

Klaus H. Savier

Class C-1.b, Group I (Internal Combustion)


1 Lycoming IO-360

Mojave, CA



Speed Over a 3 km Course:  388 mph

Time to Climb to 3,000 Meters:  2 min

Elliot D. Seguin

Class C-1.b, Group I (Internal Combustion)

Lancair Legacy

1 Continental TSIO-550

Mojave, CA



Speed Over a 500 km Closed Course:  240 mph

Klaus H. Savier

Class C-1.a, Group I (Internal Combustion)


1 Continental O-200

Mojave, CA



Speed Over a Commercial Airline Route:


Male, Maldives to Bangkok, Thailand:  478 mph

David E. Gurney

Class C-1

Maldivian Airbus A321



Dhaka, Bangladesh to Chennai, India:  453 mph

David E. Gurney

Class C-1

Maldivian Airbus A320



Speed Over a Recognized Course:


Johannesburg, South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya:  317.62 mph*

Travis P. Holland & 

Julian B. MacQueen

Class C-1.e, Group III (Jet)

Embraer Phenom 100

2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F-E



Albuquerque, NM to Amarillo, TX:  139.66 mph*

William E. Dubois

Class C-1.b, Group I (Internal Combustion)

Ercoupe 415-CD

1 Continental O-190



Bangor, ME to Friedrichshafen, Germany:  528.59 mph*

Daniel G. Raffaelli & Alexandre M. Theodoro

Class C-1.i, Group III (Jet)

Embraer Legacy 500

2 Honeywell AS907



Los Angeles, CA to Kahului, HI (Maui):  

413 mph

Jeremy A. Schneider

Class C-1.i, Group III (Jet)

Embraer Legacy 500

2 Honeywell AS907



Paris, France to 

Abu Dhabi, UAE:  521 mph

Brett C. Rundle & 

Bruce A. Egart

Class C-1.i, Group III (Jet)

Gulfstream G280

2 Honeywell HTF7250G



London, UK to Hong Kong, China:  571 mph

Eric L. Henman & 

Bradley S. Blymiller

Class C-1.m, Group III (Jet)

Gulfstream G650ER

2 Rolls-Royce BR725



Hong Kong, China to Seattle, WA:  621 mph

Eric L. Henman & 

Bradley S. Blymiller

Class C-1.m, Group III (Jet)

Gulfstream G650ER

2 Rolls-Royce BR725



Kahului, HI (Maui) to Phoenix, AZ:  515 mph

Jeremy A. Schneider

Class C-1.i, Group III (Jet)

Embraer Legacy 500

2 Honeywell AS907



Dusseldorf, Germany to Dubai, UAE:  441 mph

Daniel G. Raffaelli & Douglas W. Owenby

Class C-1.i, Group III (Jet)

Embraer Legacy 500

2 Honeywell AS907







Free Out and Return Distance:  636 mi

Out and Return Distance:  621 mi

Dennis A. Tito

Class DM2, Motorglider, Multiplace

Glaser-Dirks DG-1001M

Inyokern, CA



Speed Over an Out and Return Course of 1,000 km:  158 mph

Speed Over an Out and Return Course of 750 km:  158 mph

Speed Over an Out and Return Course of 500 km:  158 mph

Speed Over an Out and Return Course of 300 km:  158 mph

James M. Payne &

Alan W. Coombs

Class DO, Open Class, General

Schempp-Hirth Arcus M

Minden, NV



Three Turnpoint Distance:  658 mi

James M. Payne

Class DM2, Motorglider, Multiplace

Schempp-Hirth Arcus M

Minden, NV




Large Freefall Formation
122 parachutists, 
2 formations

Class G-2, Performance

Zephyrhills, FL



Except where noted by an asterisk (*), information is preliminary and subject to approval.

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