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 Spotlight on Louisiana Governor's Race

 November 16, 2015




How Do You Help?

Phone from Home

Our goal is to have dozens of Republican women from across the country making calls. To be part of the awesome phone-from-home program, contact or call 
504-779-3771 to get set up with instructions and logins.

Boots on the Ground
If you are nearby and have any time in the next five days, your help is needed in Baton Rouge. Contact NFRW Political Director Terri Hauser at or 703-548-9688 to become part of the Strike Force. 

It's more fun in a group - make this a club activity!
Donate to David

Contribute online or mail to 2900 Clearview Parkway, Suite 206, Metarie, LA 70006


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This is a special email highlighting a Republican gubernatorial candidate who needs your help to get elected. 
Time is short - Louisiana's runoff election takes place THIS SATURDAY, November 21.

Since Barrack Obama was inaugurated as President, Republicans have made historic gains. In the U.S. Congress, Democrats have lost 13 Senate seats and 69 House seats. At the state level, Democrat losses include 900 legislative seats and governorships in 12 states, including Kentucky earlier this month with the election of Matt Bevin.

There is one Governor's race remaining in the 2015 cycle - a runoff election in Louisiana where Republican David Vitter is in a very tight race.


With NFRW membership support, we can keep our streak alive and ensure conservative Republican leadership for Louisiana!

as LOUISIANA's next Governor!

WHY is DAVID running?

David Vitter is a bold, conservative reformer who is committed to tackling our most significant problems with Louisiana common sense to build a brighter future for all Louisianians, from our best and brightest to our most vulnerable.

 WHAT makes DAVID a great candidate?
  • In touch with the people of Louisiana - Born and raised in Louisiana, David has held 380 town hall meetings in every parish and more than 200 teletownhalls.
  • Champion of open, accessible government - As a state legislator, David led the successful fight for term limits, filed ethics complaints against illegal "good ole boy" deals, and cut wasteful spending.
  • Record of Conservative Accomplishments - As a U.S. Senator, David strongly opposed Obamacare, authoring the bill to eliminate the Obamacare Exemption for Congress. He strongly opposed the President's unconstitutional executive orders, authoring bills to eliminate Birthright Citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants in America and to eliminate federal funds for Sanctuary Cities that harbor illegal immigrants
  • Committed to Protecting the Second Amendment - David earned an A+ rating from the NRA and is committed to keeping Louisiana a "Sportsman's Paradise."

To learn more about David, watch this video:
I Know It
I Know It
How do YOU help?
  1. VOLUNTEER for David's campaign - contact him through his website or see more on panel at left.
  2. DONATE - David needs $$$s to WIN! 
  3. LIKE David on Facebook; talk to friends and family in Louisiana!
  4. TWEET - @DavidVitter Our choice for #LAGov !!!
  5. JOIN Turn America Red NFRW for the latest campaign news.
  6. VOTE!!!!!!

Republican Women have always been a huge part of all of Senator Vitter's elections and this one is no different. 
Louisiana Federation President
Gena Gore with Senator David Vitter
NFRW Campaign Committee
Gena Gore - - Louisiana FRW President
Carolyn Hodges - Chair
Besa Martin - Co-Chair                     


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