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On the Scandal in the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System:

           It has been reported that over 40 veterans died while waiting to see doctors in the backlogged Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, and that the VA there kept fake waiting lists showing veterans getting care in a reasonable amount of time and a secret, real waiting list that showed some veterans waiting months to be seen by a doctor. CNN has been reporting on this story extensively: 
40 deaths result from VA hospital's secret waiting list
40 deaths result from VA hospital's secret waiting list
         The problem of veterans having to wait months for primary care is not limited to Arizona. Chairman of the House Committee on Veteran's Affairs, Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), has set up an "Accountability Watch" page to keep tabs on incompetency in Veteran's Affairs. Click here to access the Accountability Watch page. 
ICYMI: Mary Landrieu Re-Creates Senate Hearing and Passes it Off as Real in New Ad:

       This month, the Landrieu campaign released an ad that tries to remind Louisianians how the Senator fights for their oil and gas interests as chair of the Energy and National Resources Committee. In the ad, a clip from an Energy and Natural Resources hearing is showed but it has been completely redone. According to Senate rules the footage from the hearing could not be used, so the Landrieu campaign decided to film a re-enactment of the hearing. The staffers in the background are actors, the setting a poor reproduction of a Senate hearing room, and the network it is being showed on is fake. See the ad here: 
"Will Not Rest"

See the analysis of the gaffe here: 
CNN: Landrieu Ad With Fake Footage Is
CNN: Landrieu Ad With Fake Footage Is "Blowing Up In Her Face"
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