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Keystone XL Pipeline Delay buried in Friday Document Dump: Data Points

         On Friday afternoon, the State Department released a statement saying the interagency review of the Keystone XL Pipeline project would be delayed because of a recent Nebraska state court decision regarding the pipeline route. This is what you need to know about this latest development: 
  • A February Nebraska state court ruling is currently holding up the Keystone Xl route permitting process. In February, the Nebraska state court declared that the authority to approve the pipeline route lies with the Nebraska Public Service Commission, not the Governor as previously held. This ruling is now being appealed to the Nebraska Supreme Court, which has not set a hearing date. This ruling affects 200 miles of the proposed pipeline route. 
  • The State Department suspended the review process of the Keystone XL route because of the Nebraska state court ruling. In light of this Nebraska ruling, the State Department declared it will suspend its review of the permitting process for the pipeline. No date for its decision was given, prompting many to speculate that this was a political move to let the Obama administration wait until after the midterm elections to deal with this issue. 
  • The construction of the Keystone XL route has bipartisan support. Vulnerable Democrat Senators in midterm races who support the pipeline are upset that the administration has delayed the process once again. The Democrat senators up for re-election this year who support the pipeline are:
    • Senator Mary Landrieu (Louisiana)
    • Senator Mark Begich (Alaska)
    • Senator Kay Hagan (North Carolina)
    • Senator Mark Pryor (Arkansas)
    • Senator Mark Warner (Virginia)
    • Senator John Walsh (Montana)
  • Support for building the pipeline has grown over the years. A recent ABC/Washington Post poll showed that 65 percent of Americans approve of building the pipeline, an uptick from the 59 percent of Americans who approved building the pipeline in 2012.
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Wasserman Schultz: Politics Didn't Factor into Obama Keystone Pipeline Delay
Wasserman Schultz: Politics Didn't Factor into Obama Keystone Pipeline Delay

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