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November 5, 2012
Rae Chornenky
Maria Jeffrey

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Lake County, Ohio: A Swing County Within a Swing State

Maria Jeffrey

     Braving the chill off of Lake Erie and blanketed with overcast skies, Lake County is comprised of quiet Cleveland suburbs. But every four years, its residents are hit with a deluge of ads, phone calls, and volunteers knocking on their doors. Campaign veterans in Ohio know that "as goes Lake County, so goes Ohio; as goes Ohio, so goes the nation." Historically, this is true. Lake County has been a barometer for presidential elections for many cycles now. In 2000 and 2004, President Bush carried the county by 50.1% and 50.6% respectively, and in 2008, President Obama carried the county by 49.6%. A 2008 study by Rich Exner in The Plain Dealer showed that no other county in Ohio has so closely followed the statewide voting pattern in all of the presidential elections since 1960, and with no president winning the election without carrying Ohio in the last 12 presidential elections, this makes Lake County the microcosm of the macrocosm.

     This last weekend before the election, I went with an RNC deployment to help the grass-roots volunteers in Lake County. The Lake County volunteers we worked with at the Victory Center there could not have been more excited about Governor Romney's chances or more proud of their hometown. They had eagerly given up their weekend to drive the RNC contingent to neighborhoods to knock on doors. My driver, a retired policeman who has lived his whole life in Lake County, stated that neighboring Cuyahoga County, Franklin County near Columbus, and Hamilton County near Cincinnati, have lost 400,000 registered voters since 2004. The head of the Victory Office confirmed these numbers for me. These three counties lean Democratic, so the loss of some Democratic voters contributes to the enthusiasm in Ohio for the Republican ticket. However, when that number is considered in light of the Obama campaign's deputy national field director's announcement last month that the campaign had registered 60% more voters this year than in 2008, it is sobering. Add to that the slightly lower unemployment percentage in Ohio versus the national aggregate and it is unclear who will emerge the winner on Tuesday. 

     Still, Republicans in Lake County remain hopeful. One woman was excited to tell me that not only did she plan on supporting Governor Romney on Tuesday, but her husband and sister, staunch registered Democrats, were planning to support him too, even though they voted for President Obama in 2008. She said they have remained quiet about their support for Governor Romney because they have been so committed to the Democratic party for years. How many others who have remained quiet will vote for the Republican ticket on Tuesday because they are unsatisfied with President Obama's status quo? The silent swing might determine who wins in Lake County, Ohio, and the country. 
Gallup: U.S. Voter Turnout Will Likely Fall Short of 2004, 2008 
     Before Gallup suspended election tracking because of Hurricane Sandy's disruptions, it conducted a poll on turnout indicators based on registered voters. According to the poll, the percentage of people giving "some" or "quite a lot of" thought to the election is lower than it has been since 2000. The percentage of people who considered themselves likely to vote on a scale of 1 to 10 was also lower than it has been since 2000. What this means in terms of a winner on election day is unclear, but it does indicate that participation in the general election will be lower this year than it has been for 12 years. To see this poll, click here.

Leave Obama Behind


       The Republican National Committee (RNC) reported today that "dozens of major newspapers have switched their support to Mitt Romney after endorsing Barack Obama in 2008." RNC Chairman Reince Priebus noted editorial boards of newspapers around the country see the struggles Americans have had to engage in during the last four years and they now see that our country cannot afford four more years "of an Obama administration."

       The RNC specified that 46 newspaper editorial boards around the country realize that "Governor Romney is the right person to get this country moving again."  Quoting from the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Sun Sentinel, the RNC pointed out newspapers now believe that despite Obama's "promise of hope and change, we have little reason to believe he can turn things around." The Madison, Wisconsin Wisconsin State Journal added that Obama " hasn't laid out a clear vision for the next four years."  The facts of  "largely undisputed accounts of the president's leadership" incorporate into a "picture that ... is less than inspiring," according to The Daily Tribune in Royal Oak, Michigan.

 Members:  "Sign Up" Your Polling Locations!


     Patricia Cowan of the Virginia Federation shared a great idea with Virginia Federation President, Miki Miller and it is simple and has no cost.  In Patricia's district, as they have been passing out yard signs, they have been asking the people to take their yard signs to the polls with them on election day and put them up at the polling location. While it is a little late to get everyone to do that--think of the huge sea of Romney/ Ryan signs we could create if we all do it and tell anyone we can reach.  


     Please be very, very careful to observe the electioneering rules close to polling places and on private property, but even if you can get them on the approach it would be great!