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October 23, 2012
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Romney-Ryan Special Outreach to Small Businesses Announced With Petition

     We are champions of small businesses because they provide over half of the jobs in America. But the last four years have been the worst economic recovery for small businesses in modern times. Recent policies have disproportionally hurt small business, which cannot afford more regulation and increased taxes. 

     We have started a special outreach to small businesses entitled "Unleash Small Business," which advocates reversing the harmful policies of the past years and supporting a much more business-friendly approach. Central to this effort is our "Petition to Unleash Small Business." We would like your help to get thousands of signatures on this petition from small business owners and employees who work at small businesses. Click here to sign the petition. After signing the petition yourself, please send it to others and encourage them to consider signing it and sharing it with others as well. Your help is essential. 

     As you know, we are firmly committed to small business and we would greatly appreciate your help.

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

A note from the Karen Kerrigan, the President of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council about the petition: 

     Dear Small Business Friend, 

    I apologize for the informal nature of this request. I am helping Romney-Ryan reach 1 million signatures for their "Petition to Unleash Small Businesses" and we are almost there. Won't you join me in signing the petition? Small business America needs a pro-growth policy path. Romney-Ryan will help bolster entrepreneurship and create the policy environment necessary to help small businesses grow, invest, and create jobs. 

    Once you sign the petition, please pass it on to your friends, family members, and small business network!
    Thank you for your support of small business, 

    Karen Kerrigan
    President & CEO
    Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
Has the Obama Campaign Given Up North Carolina?

        The Obama team knows full well North Carolina is slipping away--and Republicans noted with some interest that Obama didn't include any Tar Heel State stops on his multistate swing after Monday night's debate in Florida. The Sunshine State is leaning toward Romney, and Virginia, which Obama is strongly contesting, could easily swing red. In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel conceded that North Carolina is likely to go red. "I kind of describe this as six turbocharged gubernatorial races--one in Ohio, one in Florida, and then you've got Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Hampshire, Virginia," the Chicago mayor said. (Glenn Thrush and Jonathan Martin, "Obama vs. Romney: How They Plan to Win?" Politico, 10/22/12)

Talking Points on the Swing States: 
  • In the two weeks left before election day, there are 8 states both campaigns will be concentrating on: Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire, Florida, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. 
  • Virginia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin could turn red this election. Both candidates have campaigned heavily in Virginia, which went blue for the first time in 2008 since Lyndon Johnson's win in 1964; it could likely turn red again. 
  • As noted above, the Obama campaign has all but conceded North Carolina, despite holding the Democratic National Convention there in September. Today, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said the campaign will continue to have a presence in the state, but last week Paul Begala, advisor for a pro-Obama super PAC and regular Democratic pundit, told Wolf Blitzer that the campaign was giving up on North Carolina. North Carolina went blue for Obama in 2008, but had been a consistent red state since 1976.
  • Wisconsin has not voted red in a presidential election since 1984, but with Paul Ryan representing that state in Congress and the Republican momentum from the Scott Walker victory, the state could become red territory again. It could still be a fight though: as of the latest Wisconsin polls last week from the Wall Street Journal and NBC, Obama was up 6 points. 
  • Yesterday's Rasmussen poll shows a tie between Romney and Obama in Iowa, after a PPP poll showed Romney up a point in that state on Friday. After being a blue state for 20 years, Iowa turned red in 2004, but then turned blue again in 2008. 
  • According to a PPP poll last week and an ARG poll that came out today, Romney is up in New Hampshire. Sen. Kelly Ayotte saind the two campaigns are in a dead heat over her state. New Hampshire is unpredictable--it has flipped from red to blue and back again in recent elections, but the overall trend has been red. 
  • While the Democrats have been losing ground in the state they held their convention in, the Republicans have had better luck in their convention state. In most polls of Florida voters, Romney beats Obama. The state has favored more red than blue in recent presidential elections. Romney may pull off Florida. 
  • According to a Rasmussen poll that came out yesterday, Romney is up four points in Colorado. Yes, Colorado went blue in 2008 but had been red since 1992. A Romney win there is not out of the question.
  • Ohio is the state everyone will look to as the returns come in, and both candidates are focusing on this state more than any other. Ohio went blue for Obama, red for both Bush terms, blue for both Clinton terms, and red in the Reagan years. Will the two term cycle be broken this year? We'll see.