Extreme Weather opens at the fleet

Travel to the edge of collapsing glaciers, witness massive wildfires and confront deadly tornadoes in the new National Geographic film, Extreme Weather, opening this month at the Fleet. The film follows climate researchers as they work to understand our planet's ever-changing weather. Also, take advantage of your last chance to see Jerusalem before it closes on November 10. 
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The Art of the Brick continues to Amaze

"Prepare your entire family to be awestruck," says Red Tricycle, as the Art of the Brick begins its second month at the Fleet. Every visitor has their own favorite section of the exhibition, from the collection of classic art reimagined in LEGO, the merging of LEGO art with photographic art or the giant 20-foot-long T. rex skeleton. What will be your favorite?

explore the night sky 

The first Wednesday of every month is our live planetarium show, The Sky Tonight. This month our resident astronomer will guide viewers through the night sky and demonstrate how outer space is in constant flux. Plus, the San Diego County Astronomy Association provides free outdoor telescope viewing on the Prado. This is also a wonderful weeknight opportunity to see The Art of the Brick
Winter Camp Registration Begins Today

The Fleet offers full-day winter camps for kids in December. Construct incredible devices in Maker Mania, explore moons and planets in Space Traveler and create your own roller coasters and parachutes in Physics Fun. Sign up early because camps sell out!
Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar 

Enjoy a night out with friends and learn something new with the Fleet's quarterly community event, Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar. We send 50 scientists out to 25 different bars all over San Diego County to answer all your science questions. Look for the sign that reads: "We are scientists. Ask us anything!"