What's New at the Fleet?
March 2016
Dear Friend,
Thanks to the support of people like you, the Fleet is expanding its reach and increasing its impact with exciting new programs and science-learning opportunities. The Fleet is proud to be able to showcase unique exhibitions like Taping Shape, Zoo in You, Super Cells and The Art of Science Learning that not only touch on exciting topics but also areas of science that San Diego is helping advance. From some of the most powerful cells in our bodies to cells in our bodies that aren't even our own, and from how art can inspire innovation to how science can inspire art, these four special exhibitions provide an opportunity to explore STEM and strengthen our pride in San Diego's impact on science and engineering.
Of course it's not enough to simply celebrate the great work that is happening across the region. To ensure that this important work continues and that San Diego maintains its leadership position in STEM we need to inspire the next generation of thinkers, tinkerers and explorers.

Each of these exhibits not only highlight great work but also introduce exciting science to the general public and excite the imaginations of the next generation of explorers, scientists, engineers and innovators. This is the critical work to which the Fleet has dedicated itself. Who will take the discoveries of today and apply them to change our future? Who will make the next great discovery? The answers to those questions should, can and will be a San Diegan. To achieve this we need to rededicate ourselves to ensuring that every child in San Diego has the opportunity to be engaged in Science and Engineering. Over the next several months these exhibitions you can explore at the Fleet will be the spark, the starting point for thousands of young San Diegans to begin their journey in science. But that is only the beginning. The impact of these exhibitions must extend beyond the walls of the Science Center building and Balboa Park. Their reach and impact must be county-wide. 
To accomplish this over the next several months the Fleet will be working with its partners, the San Diego County Office of Education, our community collaborators, our corporate and research partners to lead an effort to reimagine a county where science education is truly immersive, where the efforts of schools, community groups, after-school programs, museums and everyone with a vested interest in STEM education are aligned and connected. Together we will create a community where all San Diegans can grow up in a world surrounded by science.
This is only appropriate. This is San Diego. Science Starts Here and opens a world of possibility. It is our responsibility to ensure that every child in San Diego lives in that world and I thank you for helping us make that happen.

In the News and In our Community
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Warm regards,

Steve Snyder, Ph.D.

P.S. For more information on how you can support the Fleet's efforts, contact Julie Schardin at jschardin@rhfleet.org.

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