Science Starts With You!
October 14, 2015

Dear Friend,
As you know, the San Diego region is one of the most powerful science and technology centers in the world. Yet, without a pipeline of knowledgeable and curious minds entering higher education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) career fields, the home-grown innovation and spirit of discovery that is such a source of pride and prosperity for San Diego is in peril.  

Passionate people like YOU, and the staff at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, have a habit of seeing solutions where others might see problems. We work, live and breathe the wonder and amazement of science learning and see a more effective way to create a thriving STEM ecosystem in San Diego.

We are not proposing that our schools and teachers work harder, or that we create another auxiliary organization to address this need. We are proposing that we leverage all our assets and that we partner in a way that will create lasting and sustainable change. The Fleet is engaging and connecting the educational efforts and assets of schools, local nonprofit organizations and the scientific community to create a hub of science learning and inspiration in Balboa Park, develop neighborhood-based programs that offer weekly science learning opportunities and provide support for our teachers and students through professional development and after-school workshops.

Science starts in Balboa Park. Science starts in our neighborhoods. Science starts in our schools. Science Starts Here.

As an example, this month we are celebrating the official launch of 52 Weeks of Science in the Barrio Logan neighborhood. This neighborhood-based program will offer weekly science learning activities for every member of the community. The Fleet is serving as a convener, as the success of this program rests with the more than 35 partners who have signed on to create a community rich in science. By collaborating, we are ensuring that every child and adult in Barrio Logan has access to and can be inspired by the power of science.

To achieve the needed level of change, we need your help! Together with your financial support, we will be able to increase our community and school support, extend our education programs like 52 Weeks of Science county-wide and revitalize your Science Center. We are asking for an investment in the community, by the community.

Your gift today to the Fleet's Annual Fund will provide life-changing opportunities that support a thriving San Diego science and tech community. Thank you for considering a contribution today.

Warm regards,

Steve Snyder, Ph.D.

P.S. Your tax-deductible contribution will create positive change in science education! We are deeply grateful for your continued support.

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