WOTFV Updated

Weight of the Fox Valley News


Vol. 2   Issue 7

July 2015


A community that together achieves and maintains a 

healthy weight at every age



Community Health - Breakfast Event


Thanks to everyone who attended the WOTFV Community Health Breakfast on Wednesday, July 15th. A special thank-you to our keynote speaker, PhD candidate Meghan JaKa  from University of Minnesota School of Public Health. Ms. JaKa discussed the question - What does Minnesota know that Wisconsin doesn't?  We learned how Minnesota has succeeded in obesity rate reduction. The key factors for making the change are: make health trendy, make healthy options more convenient and focus on primary prevention. Ms. JaKa gave examples of this in Minneapolis and talked about how she has made health and exercising the easiest choice for her.




Also, thank-you to Matt Jameson, President and CEO of Jay Manufacturing in Oshkosh, who gave his personal story of how both he and his employees were able to make changes to their lives by developing a worksite wellness program.  Matt shared with us how this decision has paid off. Not only are his coworkers and employees healthier and happier, his company has been able to reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, and make changes to other healthcare areas, such as eye and disability care. Matt has improved his own life as well. On May 19, 2010, Matt was 355 pounds. The next day, he began a weight-loss journey. Through hard work and support from his coworkers and family, Matt now runs marathons and has participated in several races. He continues to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.


The co-directors of the Wisconsin Obesity Prevention Network, Amy Meinen and Amy Korth, presented a statewide perspective on creating healthier lifestyles. The mission of their organization is to address obesity in Wisconsin through collaboration, connectivity and alignment of diverse partners. They also spoke about the momentum for obesity prevention in Wisconsin and how WOTFV can be involved with the state wide efforts. 


A short exercise break included using small balls as an example of a way to get active during a work day. The activity was led by Jill Rasmussen from the YMCA Fox Cities.

 The Community Health Breakfasts are intended to inform the general public on different health trends, share updates on the work of WOTFV, and highlight local initiatives that are improving health and wellness in our region.   Please plan on joining us this fall for the next breakfast.   We will send you more details in the next few months. 



Food Systems Kickoff Meeting


On July 21st, the first meeting for the Food Systems Action Team took place at the new Boys and Girls Club in Menasha. At this meeting, members of the community gathered to take the first steps in figuring out how to promote healthy choices at grocery stores, restaurants, gardens and more. The meeting included members from across the Fox Valley area representing Calumet County Health Department, Kimberly Clark, Lawrence University, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce, and ThedaCare, among others. The group discussed their goals and target population. The next meeting is set for August 4th from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., at St. Joseph's Food Pantry, Menasha. If you would like to attend, please contact Deb Schmidt at deb.schmidt@unitedwayfoxcities.org


Passport to Active Living

The Passport to Active Living Program is moving into its eighth week, and public participation is outstanding. From the 27 distribution sites, the program has over 1,300 participants who signed up through local YMCA locations, food pantries, Salvation Army locations, libraries, and other community locations.  This number does not include community members from 13 local businesses that are taking part in the program as well.


As of July 6th, program participants have been able to claim their mid-program prize by bringing their passports to the local YMCA, the United Way in Oshkosh or Menasha, or the Calumet County Department of Public Health Building. This prize is a pair of in-ear headphones, great for use during daily exercise! Participants have until August 8th to claim their prize. For more information, or to sign up for the weekly Passport Program newsletter, email Keren Rosenberg, Weight of the Fox Valley Program Manager, at keren.rosenberg@unitedwayfoxcities.org.



We appreciate your continued interest in creating a community that together achieves and maintains a healthy weight at every age. If you have questions or know others that would like to be added to this newsletter please contact Deb Schmidt at deb.schmidt@unitedwayfoxcities.org


Have a healthy and safe summer!


Keren Rosenberg, Program Manager, Weight of the Fox Valley