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Why Every Agent or Rep Needs to be Involved!
By: Craig Gussin
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To educate our membership, represent consumer interests, influence legislation and promote fair and ethical business practices through the association of health and disability insurance professionals.


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May 2017
A Note from Our President                      By: Mark Haskell
Mark Haskell

It is always a challenge to focus on just a few things because there is so much going on. Today I start with an unfettered attempt to highlight my personal perspective on where we are, how we got here and what proposals are being made to tackle the underlying issue on everyone's mind ... Why is health insurance so expensive why does its cost continue to rise each and every year?
It's kind of obvious. Health insurance is expensive because health care is expensive. It is the simply the tool we use to finance our medical expenses.  Read more. 
Every year while we are here in San Diego choosing our board positions, the same thing is going on at the state level.  This year our very own Jim Morrison has  been elected by delegates from across the state of California to represent all of us as VP of Legislation of CAHU.  It was a tight race, and initially there were actually 3 people running for the position.  Going forward Jim will still remain with us here on the SDAHU board while taking on his responsibilities with the state.  This is a great benefit for our chapter as Jim will be in constant contact with our lobbyists in Sacramento as we continue the fight on SB 562. 
Congrats Jim!
Legislative Update                                    By: Jim Morrison
Hello SDAHU,
Ten SDAHU members went to Sacramento on
May 9th and 10th to attend the CAHU Capitol Summit. About half were first time attendees and I welcome you to consider going next year. The event included several legislators from both parties speaking on a range of topics and from Health Advocates, our lobbyists, on the latest developments at the Capitol. There were multiple panels with experts providing great information on the latest developments on Federal Health Care Reform, possible outcomes and the potential impact on California. We also had multiple speakers on the proposed Single Payer bill including a professional polling firm on SB 562 that provided detailed information on how the bill is perceived, how it was defeated in other states and some tools to share with our clients. Read more

Broker Rant                                             By: Barry Cogdill
Writer's block. That is something I have never experienced, until now. I think the basis for this malady is my indecision about what to talk about, and the recognition of how little I may really know about what I want to talk about. Frankly, without better guidance and information, it is mostly cocktail conversation fodder. However, my Communications Chair is less than sympathetic to my plight, and reminds me that I don't have an excuse to avoid finding a way out of my writer's funk.

So-where to start this conversation? I wanted to avoid politics this time out, and focus on our industry's issues. But, the bull roams the china shop, and cannot be avoided. The current administration in Washington is-putting it mildly-- having a rough go of it over the first four months, with less policy done than hoped for, and way more unrest, suspicion, and doubt than necessary. This wayward pattern is fueled by the less than orthodox President Trump, who appears to delight in making things personal, and chooses to wade in the swamp, rather than hover above it.  Read more. 
Philanthropy Corner                                   By: Joel Marcus
Joel Marcus

This past year has been outstanding for SDAHU in the area of philanthropy and public service.   We donated over $20,000 in cash and in-kind donations and the list of partners we work with keeps expanding.  Below are the partners we presently work with.  Thank you to everyone who participates in our monthly restaurant raffle and our annual sales expo silent auction and raffle fund raising activities.  Individual donations to be used for any of the groups we work with, or a specific one, are greatly appreciated. If anyone is interested in joining the public service committee, please contact Gail Clarke or Joel Marcus.
1.  Rady Children's Hospital Special Needs Clinic:
The annual holiday party was attended by over 350 children and over 500 people attended. The party is now a joint venture with the Ronald McDonald House.
2.  Rady Children's Hospital Helen Bernardy Center for Medically Fragile Children:
A pediatric skilled nursing facility for over 50 residents.  It is the only such center for children in California. Read more. 
PAC Report                                                By: Terri Yurek

Hello SDAHU members,
As we move along in our everyday agency tasks of writing policies and servicing our clients, the conditions that surround our industry continue to be less than favorable. Amongst commission cuts being at an all-time low, we are faced with new bills that are churned out from the State Assembly and Senate that add more change and more reform to the already turbulent ACA atmosphere.

Unquestionably, the only reality we live in is that things will get worse before they get better. As we sit back and watch the action take place in the political world, we hang on like warriors and pray that some legislative act of sanity will be voted upon and things will miraculously reverse back to our favor...but please wake up because you are dreaming.  Read more.

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