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To educate our membership, represent consumer interests, influence legislation and promote fair and ethical business practices through the association of health and disability insurance professionals.


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January 2017
29th Annual Sales Expo
January 19, 2017  
Town and Country Resort & Convention Center     
A Note from Our President                 By: Mark Haskell
Mark Haskell

"May You Live in Interesting Times" is no longer just a wish, it is our reality.  Our purpose at SDAHU is to give you a head start in helping you build a bright future. This is the future for those of us committed to this business and to serving the best interests of our clients. Knowledge is everything. Your expertise and experience has never been needed more or more important than today.

In California:

Bills that We Supported and Signed into Law
AB 72
Balance Billing: This bill now protects consumers from the surprise medical bills they receive and that we found ourselves explaining to our upset clients. Aren't you pleased this is something you will not have to apologize and explain over and over again?

AB 1822
This bill establishes the privately funded California Cancer Clinical Trials Program overseen by the University of California. This program will enable cancer patients to find and participate in cancer clinical trials more easily than occurs today.  Read more. 
Broker Rant                                         By: Barry Cogdill
Happy New Year to all SDAHU enthusiasts. 2017 is a year of unknown fortune. In less than 3 weeks, Donald Trump becomes President, and both the Senate and the House of Representatives go to Republican majority. There are certain to be some major changes in policy and some will happen quickly.

Despite the daily Trump tweets that require explanation later, it is clear health care reform is towards the top of the action list. The repeal of the ACA will be an early move. By the way, this will be the 90th attempt by the Republican Party to repeal the ACA. The likelihood of success is still in question, and there are some caution flags. The Senate is barely Red, with 52 seats, and it is unlikely that enough Dems can be convinced to join in voting for the 60 votes needed for repeal. That means using the distasteful reconciliation process, which allows certain funding requirements to be handled with majority vote of 51, to do the work of dismantling the system. This is the same process used by the Democratic Party in 2010 to enact the ACA. Read more.
Legislative Update                              By: Jim Morrison
Hello and Happy New Year!

You are probably very happy the fourth quarter is over (at least according to the calendar) but are likely still dealing with outstanding issues. I hope they get resolved quickly for you and your clients.  On the legislative front, we have a new President elect that has made it a top priority to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act.  The repeal process had started in the House at the time of this writing with a game plan to be released by January 27th (click here).  There are many rumors, assumptions and guesses on what the replace part will mean but we won't know for sure until plan details are released.  It is my understanding that NAHU has been providing input on the process to the transition team as well as Senate and Congressional leaders so the broker's voice is being heard too.  A small group of SDAHU members will be in Washington DC in mid February for the annual Capitol Conference.  We are expecting the replacement framework to be a major area of discussion and will be reporting back the details of what we learn.   Read more.

Philanthropy Corner                             By: Joel Marcus
Joel Marcus
This past year has been a busy and inspiring one for SDAHU and its work with our philanthropic partners. We added The Ray of Sunshine as one of our new partners. This foundation offers an opportunity for children and others with cancer to experience working with and riding horses and ponies. The barns are located in San Marcos and we have made an initial contribution of $1,000 to get our commitment started. Several of our brokers will also be volunteering and helping out.  Read more.
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