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To educate our membership, represent consumer interests, influence legislation and promote fair and ethical business practices through the association of health and disability insurance professionals.
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A Note from Our President                 By: Mark Haskell
Mark Haskell

Recently we all received a "Policy Statement" from CAHU addressing our concern about the recent reductions in commission schedules for agents. Below find the message that CAHU brings to the public square on our behalf. The theme is simple ... we are consumer advocates where the CA consumer of health insurance looks to for advice and help when purchasing individual, family or group health insurance.

"CAHU is concerned with the sustainability of agent compensation. We believe agents must be fairly compensated for their work. Recent carrier decisions to further reduce commissions threaten the number of agents who serve California's consumers, especially in the small group and individual market segments.
California agents serve more than half of individual consumers and more than 90% of the group market. CAHU is meeting with regulators and working on behalf of agents and California consumers to ensure they will have access to licensed professional agents. We are monitoring these actions closely to ensure compliance with AB 1163 and other laws, which CAHU supported or sponsored to protect agents."  Read more

Broker Rant                                         By: Barry Cogdill
Hello, loyal readers and SDAHU members: Editors can be demanding, particularly when publishing deadlines loom. For this rant, I begged for an extension to November 8-just so I could remark after the national election. After a long, long , last night, I was able to finally pull my jaw from the floor, and go to bed.

So, my rant, after the events of November 8? WOW...

Knowing I need to say more, I will. In the last edition of this rant, I mentioned that I would not underestimate Donald Trump again. Good call on my part. Despite the professional pollsters, modelers, and pundits spewing out numbers, and percentages stating otherwise, and being hugely outspent by the Democrats, and semi-abandoned by his own party, The Donald won this election decisively. He predicted it would happen, too. I did not think he could do this, and I am gobbling humble pie as fast as I can.  Read more.

Advocate for Life                                  By: Terri Yurek

I am an advocate for life. I believe in karma and fate, practicing good health and values, and I am an advocate for everything that represents family ties in this fast paced - instant gratification world we live in. There is also something deep inside of me that makes me believe that the energy I put into helping people will make my world and my community a better place to live in for this generation and the next.  Read more.


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