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                        February 2016
2016 Neil R. Crosby Achievement in Excellence Award Recipient Announced

At our annual sales expo on Thursday, January 28th, Joel Marcus was awarded the 2016 Neil R. Crosby Achievement in Excellence Award.  Presenting the award was 2015 recipient Jane Ramshaw. 

Joel's compassion and dedication over the last eight years as our Philanthropic Chair, leading our charitable endeavors with many local non-profits, including: Rady Children's Hospital Special Needs Clinic, Banding Together, and many others. 

A heartfelt CONGRATS goes out to our favorite Santa Claus for this well-deserved award!
BROKER RANT             
I write this two weeks after the annual occurrence of our SDAHU sales Expo. As is usual, we had over 400 attendees, and a deep list of vendors to speak with. SDAHU has a reputation in California for putting on a very good show. The speakers all brought their A games, and the rubber chicken tasted pretty good. My thanks to the EXPO Chair, President-elect Mark Haskell, and the SDAHU board of Directors, SDAHU volunteers and our Executive Director Gail James Clarke, for their efforts to make this a successful day. Also, a big shout out to our sponsors, without which this event would not be possible. Enough of the niceties. Here we go. 
I took two very strong impressions home with me from the sales conference. 
 1. Michael Lindstrom, our keynote speaker, mentioned that he puts his cell phone on airplane mode at night, and does not turn it on to receive data until he is absolutely prepared to face the new day with a positive attitude. That is great advice for me, as I have been known to peer at my email before I have even had a cup of coffee. So much of what we agents bring to the world is our positive attitudes. Our clients gravitate to that energy, and it is a lot of what separates successful brokers from less successful brokers. The world we perceive is what we believe it is. It is best to muster strength before facing adversity, and to wear that positive attitude before facing unpleasant news. Great advice. 
 2. Michael Lujan, our current CAHU President, has taken a courageous stance regarding THE TOPIC OF WHICH WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SPEAK. I digress to explain... For those who are new to our association, one of the most frequent concerns I hear from members is "What is our association, particularly NAHU, doing about the state of agent compensation reductions in the new ACA marketplace?". The answer has been that NAHU has been advised by prominent legal sources that, as a non-profit entity, we risk onerous anti-trust violation penalties for talking about what we get paid, and how much things cost. That has led to a decision by NAHU to ban any public member discussion of compensation, and to not take an official position on the topic.  Read more.
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February 18
Breakfast Meeting
Bring your client(s) to breakfast for only $20! During this presentation, you and your client will learn about current employment law compliance challenges for California businesses, including wage and hour matters, independent contractors, discrimination and harassment claims, and other topics.   Join us for this informative session!
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I was honored to participate in the SDAHU Dynamite Expo and the town hall discussion. The conversation was candid and open; a courtesy our members should always be afforded. We are an association for agents.  We should never forget that. Every bit of our work should be in support of agents and the customers we serve. Our ability to fulfill that important role is at risk like never before.  It is reasonable and fair for our members to demand greater support of CAHU and NAHU and I aim to do as much as humanly possible while I serve on this board. Some of our work is not seen by our members, and that's our fault. CAHU will share more updates through our forum e-newsletter and through your local leaders. We have meetings with both regulators to express our concerns about shrinking or disappearing commissions. We have a committee working on the fee-based options agents can use now, without a change in current laws. And we are prepared to help model legislation, if needed, to assure fair and sustainable compensation for agents; without whom consumers have no professional and licensed advocate. 
While NAHU is rethinking and clarifying their interpretation of anti-trust and our code of ethics, please know that CAHU and SDAHU are still busy, working locally on issues that impact your work and meeting with regulators, legislators and the important decision makers who need to know how invaluable agents are to consumers and business clients. We need help!  If you can serve on the local or state board or committees, please do. If not, your membership and PAC contributions are much appreciated and help us have a greater voice in Sacramento on behalf of agents. I am proud to serve as CAHU president and devoted to the task of growing our membership and influence in support of agents. Thank you for the honor to serve and your support through your continued membership. 
- Michael

Michael Lujan, RHU, CHRS
CAHU President 2015-2016

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