VOL 2 ISSUE 7 | JULY 19, 2016

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PoE Lighting Convergence: LED Meets IT
by Lois I. Hutchinson
PoE Lighting
Power over Ethernet (PoE) could disrupt the lighting industry more than the LED ever has. By powering lighting with Ethernet switches and inexpensive Cat 5 or 6 cable, instead of hazardous 120V electrical systems, PoE threatens to move lighting from the electrician's realm into IT. Lighting is everywhere in a building, and major IT players are poised to exploit the lighting layout and collect information for multiple building systems onto a single IP network. Beyond sensors and switches informing a standalone lighting control system, a network of security, phone, and other building systems coordinate to make buildings truly connected. PoE lighting can leverage investments in IT infrastructure and deliver greater energy efficiency, particularly in HVAC, plus a more personalized experience for the occupant.

IESBC Celebrates Vision Award Winners 2016

The British Columbia Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESBC) announced its winners for the 2016 Vision Awards on June 2 at the posh Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver. Each year the not-for-profit celebrates outstanding lighting engineers and designers for their local and international lighting design projects.   READ MORE...

SCI goes live in Downtown Los Angeles

SCI Lighting Solutions

As a lighting agency, it's so important to have access to key fixture samples at all times. What better way to ensure that accessibility than to open an office in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles that displays an array of beautiful light fixtures? SCI Lighting Solutions is more than pleased to announce the opening of their Downtown LA space that resides on the 28th floor of The Paul Hastings South Tower in City National Plaza.   READ MORE...

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