VOL 2 ISSUE 6 | JUNE 22, 2016

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Our Love-Hate Relationship with Slot Lighting
by Lois I. Hutchinson
Slot Lighting by J S Nolan and Associates
Some designers love those sleek lines of recessed light, and some think they're too bright and already passť. But recessed linear luminaires are everywhere: running up and down walls, skimming architectural transitions, marching or swirling along ceilings, and punctuating spaces in pixelated patterns. Slots can provide strong design character to a space, or they can provide subtle, general illumination where troffers take up too much real estate and downlights are too little. There's also a sweet spot where slot lighting - done right - follows the lines of the architecture while providing good illumination with balanced brightnesses.
by John Martin | Guest Blogger
International Association of Lighting Designers
Public Policy: Why Care?
Do you ever feel as if your projects are subject to rules you don't understand, made by people you don't know, for reasons that aren't clear? Do you sometimes feel that these rules are being done to you rather than by you or for you? That's how most lighting professionals feel when it comes to codes, standards and regulations. "Public policy." The phrase's intrinsic dullness comes from the images it conjures up: stuffy people in stuffy meetings producing volumes of legalistic fine print.
John Martin IALD - Guest Blogger
Sales Superhero Hangs Up His Suit
Mr. Van Wagner is retiring from Prudential Ltg.
Says Prudential Ltg, "What will we miss most? Hard to say. It all kind of blends together - the good-natured verbal sparring over politics, stories of hula-hooping our donut-shaped O fixture in a sales meeting (oh yes, he did) - and just his endearing, all-around bear-hugging Cliffness. He has a presence and warmth and energy and incredible gusto for life that makes even non-smilers smile."   READ MORE...
Conference Seminars Announced
LED Specifier Summit - Northwest has just completed its lineup of 12 sessions for the September 22 event in Seattle that include thought leaders from the lighting industry. Each session will be registered for credit with the AIA, IDCEC, LA-CES and NCQLP.
This seminar will help you understand the intent of the Energy Code with specific focus on commercial Electrical and Lighting Systems requirements that relate to lighting... More info
EARLY BIRD CONFERENCE RATE $199 (includes lunch)
$249 after August 19, 2016

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