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Director of Coaching and Player Development


Penn Legacy is excited to announce the launch of a new program for spring of 2014.  It is called the Junior Coach Program and it is basically an opportunity for all our u15 and older players to gain their preliminary coaching license (F license) from the United States Soccer Federation (  We see this as a beneficial program in the following ways:


  • It starts our players on the road to becoming a future coach.
  • It will open many doors to coaching camps/clinics as a college player during summers and is a grand thing to put on your resume.
  • It will also provide for opportunities to coach and earn extra pocket money within the Penn Legacy u8 Academy.
  • It will give our players a deeper understanding of the game of soccer.
  • It will help in developing a sense of self confidence knowing that you can actually stand in front of a group of young players and put on a quality session for them.
  • Ultimately we (the club) see it as a long term project as we have always provided coaching education opportunities for our coaches.  Our hope is that one day our staff will consist of many former PL players who have gone off to college and returned to the area and are ready to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of PL players.  This is the first step in that process of achieving that goal.


On top of the USSF F license, we will also provide a USSF referee training course on the same day for any players who may want to become a match official.  Again, this is a wonderful way to earn extra pocket money, give back to the game you love, and gain a deeper understanding of the laws of the game and respect for those who make it all possible.


So, overall, our new program will be a two-part project.  Players can choose to take the coaching course, the referee course, or both.  We will have ALL the finer details for you in the New Year, including dates, times, and cost.  The plan is to keep the costs as low as absolutely possible, with the club willing to subsidize the course fees to make this happen.  For right now, the only requirement is that the participant has to be a current u15 or older player in either our travel or Rec program.

To learn more about the USSF license and the USSF referee training course check out these links:

Please email me with any questions at all about this new initiative, but remember, registration and all major details will be announced in the New Year.  


Thank you and Happy Holidays,



Penn Legacy