Reminder to Team Coaches to Nominate Players for Exhibition Games by Nov 1.

Info for U16-U19 Teams Regarding Showcase Portion of Tournament

Please read below. 

Hempfield Adidas Fall Classic 

Oct 29, 2013

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Dear Coaches and Team Managers for u16 through U19 Teams.


Thank you for your participation in the Hempfield Adidas Fall Classic, we are looking forward to a great weekend!. We wanted to pass along some important information concerning the College Showcase portion of our tournament:
IMPORTANT - Due by Nov 1:


We will be holding indoor college ID games on Friday night of the tournament at LANCO Fieldhouse, a local indoor facility.  The idea is that each team in the U17 and U18 age groups can nominate two juniors or seniors to play in the exhibition games. We will be inviting college coaches to come observe the games. We will be hosting two boys games and two girls games. Each game will be (2) 25 minute halves and each nominated player will participate in one of the games. The girls will play at 5:30pm and 6:30pm and the boys will play at 7:30pm and 8:30pm. The games will be played with 8 field players and a keeper. We will assign the players a color and number that they will wear during
the games and we will provide the college coaches in attendance the player identification and contact information.
If you would like to nominate two players to participate, please ask your nominated players go to this link and register  by November 1.
The cost to participate is $20 per player. Remember this is
for juniors or seniors only. Deadline for your nominated players to register is 11/1/13. After the players register for the College ID games, we will contact them with details regarding the games.


We have partnered with Captain U to assist players in their college recruitment process and to provide the college coaches with player profiles. We will supply Captain U with your contact
information unless you decide to opt out by 10/28. Captain U will then contact team coaches with the process that players need to follow in order to be included in the player profiles that Captain U provides to the college coaches. It is important you pass this on to your team.
The Captain U link information is posted on our website. 
Captain U will be sharing your teams player profiles with college coaches who are attending the tournament.  We will also be sharing player information for players who are participating in
the Friday Night College ID games with college coaches. If for any reason you do not want this information shared with college coaches, please let us know by reply email by 10/28/2013.
Be sure to encourage your players to contact college coaches of schools they be interested in and have them share your team schedule. When players e-mail coaches about their
interest, it encourages college coaches to attend the tournament. The more college coaches that attend, the more exposure player receive!
Remember, if you do not provide your players with the process Captain U provides you concerning player profiles, your players will not be included in the player profile books. Also, unless you
nominate two players from your team and direct them to the Friday Night College ID Games registration by 10/28, they will not be able to participate. The Hempfield Tournament website also has additional information about the showcase and college recruiting.
Thanks again for joining us and please let us know if you have any questions.


Tournament Shirt Pre-Orders
Please read then share with your team.
Tournament shirts are available to pre-order at special pricing. This is important because there will be a very limited number of shirts available at the sites during the event.  A downloadable worksheet is available on our website to gather orders from the team. Orders must be submitted as a team, individual orders will not be accepted. 
Deadline for ordering is Sunday, Nov 3.

Important Team Registration Info
New Location
Mandatory team registration (no exceptions!) will be held on Thursday, Nov 21 from 6-8 and Fri, Nov 22, from 6-9pm. Visit the tournament website link titled Team Registration Requirements 
documents and paperwork we require you to complete and bring to registration. Information and rules about secondary players, guest players, rosters, permission to travel and more is important to read and helps avoid questions later. 
Some items will need your attention now.

New location for team registration this year.  
The location will be:
Spooky NOOK SPORTS complex linked here. 



Rooms have been blocked and held thru PYB linked on our website. If your travel plans require room reservations and they have not been made to date, please note that after October 15th these room blocks may be released and the block room rates may no longer be available. All reservations MUST go thru the service PER OUR RULES AND ELIGIBILITY requirements.


Please review your contract provided by the hotel for their cancellation policy to avoid a penalty from the hotel. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Tournament Committee or the Hempfield Soccer Club be responsible for any expenses (including the tournament entry fee) incurred by the team. This includes a situation where the Tournament or any of its games is canceled in whole or in part. 


U16 and Older Teams - Please Read
Please visit the College Showcase Info link on our website for information directed to accepted U16 and older male and female teams. 
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