Camp Registrants - IMPORTANT  Info and Reminders
for campers attending June 25, 26, 27

Hello to all and thank you for signing up for this year's got skills? Camp with Seamus and staff.   

IMPORTANT!  The camps will now be held at the Fulton Fields in East Petersburg, NOT at the Quad.

The address for GPS is: 1695 State Street East Petersburg, PA  17520 see map.

IMPORTANT! When parking please do not block spaces reserved for the bank.  Use other open spaces.


Please bring water, wear shinguards and DON'T FORGET to BRING A BALL!
The Camp times are as follows.  Please arrive early to check-in.
  • got skills? camp  (5-6pm)
  • Striker/Goalkeeper camp (6-8pm)
  • got skills? and Striker/Goalkeeper camps package - (5-8pm)


    Hopefully the weather will be glorious this week but I do have to prepare for the chance of adverse situations.  The camp WILL go ahead in the rain.  However the camp will NOT take place with any immediate threat of lightning storms.    Please refer to the front  page of the Penn Legacy Travel/Premier website if you have concerns about weather. We will make every effort to post info there as available.  Please remain in the vacinity of the camp if weather is questionable and if quick pick-up of campers becomes necessary.  Obviously we cannot inform you of any change that has to be made on the spot but you can always call Seamus with concerns on the night at 717 380 0044.       


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