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Fall 2013

Welcome to the Fall edition of the Gallinas Watershed Program newsletter. We have updated our newsletter format to better serve the Program's needs. We are also introducing a public notification list, so please share this news with others who are interested in the Gallinas Watershed Program and may wish to sign up.

Status of Las Gallinas Levee Evaluation
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The Las Gallinas Creek Levee Evaluation is a significant multi-year effort to better understand the current condition of the levees, develop an idea of the cost and feasibility of possible improvement alternatives, and receive an indication of whether or not federal funds may be available to design and construct a preferred alternative. The evaluation is nearly complete and a community meeting to present and discuss the results will be held at 6:30 pm on January 29 at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center. Reports related to the evaluation will be posted to our website in advance of the meeting.    

Gallinas Creek Sediment Study

The ability of tidal action to move sediment through Gallinas Creek has been reduced by land use practices over time.  This assessment will build upon existing studies for CSA 6 (Winzler and Kelly 2010) and studies recently completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It will seek to identify the factors influencing sediment build-up in Gallinas Creek and develop a channel cross-section and alignment that maximizes the creek's ability to transport sediment to the Bay. This information will used to inform future creek dredging needs and extent of dredging.  The study is slated for completion by Spring 2014.

McInnis Marsh Feasibility Study   

Marin County Parks is in process of initiating a contract with the California Coastal Conservancy for work to study the feasibility of restoring the wetlands at McInnis Park. Marin County Parks, Marin County Public Works, and the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District have jointly agreed to support this effort, which could include re-designing levees, restoring up to 200 acres of tidal and transitional marsh, and evaluating sediment re-use and management, all of which would benefit sensitive species such as the California clapper rail and salt marsh harvest mouse.

The project could increase the ability of Gallinas and Miller Creeks to move sediment more efficiently to the bay, provide opportunities to support the wastewater treatment operations of the local sanitary district, support the re-use of dredged sediment from Las Gallinas Creek (CSA #6), and create new marshes and levees that are adaptive to sea level rise.

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Santa Venetia Storm Drain Study

Public Works staff met with contractors in August to formally kick off the Santa Venetia Hydraulics Study for the urban drainage area within Santa Venetia. During the next few months, the contractor will assemble the data into a one-dimensional stormwater management model (SWMM) which will be used to identify vulnerable areas and any needs for additional survey data. The hydraulic model will include street drains, pump stations, ditches, and bypass ("interceptor") drains. Then, an existing conditions model will incorporate the hydraulic model to simulate various storm events and to target areas for flood control improvements. Four scenarios will be modeled to help identify the benefits of and rank potential flood improvement projects. Completion of the study is anticipated in Spring 2014.






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