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Protect and Advocate for Parents' Rights to Guide the Education of Their Children.

September Newsletter, 2015
The notion that there is a "painless" way for a stranger to separate a parent from their child is ridiculous!  The Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute, which partners with the Oregon Health Authority, has a strategy to do just that - it is referred to as an "Atraumatic Parentectomy".  As invasive as this sounds, the evidence speaks for itself. There is an all-out assault on our parental rights and our children have a "target" on their backs. 
Educators, school officials and school boards, as much as they may be committed to educational success, are still not the authorized guardians of our children.  As parents and guardians,  we know that it is OUR  responsibility to protect, provide and care for our children. Unfortunately many school superintendents, school board members and legislators are either unaware or unwilling to recognize that parental rights are being seized. 

We are seeing numerous communities around Oregon (ie: Gervais, Hermiston, Scappoose, Enterprise) gaining momentum and resolve in standing up for their parental rights. We encourage you also to commit these next nine months to being "eyes and ears"; learning what to watch for and what questions to ask.  Don't be intimidated because you may not be an expert in Oregon law, your school district's policies or current issues.  YOU the parent, have the legal right and are the ultimate decision-maker for your child.
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Why is Dr. Gillespie "Performing an Atraumatic Parentectomy" on Your Child?

We all understand the definition of traumatic as an event, either physical or psychological in nature, that is associated with pain. Therefore, an atraumatic event would be a "painless" event.  Dr. Gillespie is painlessly separating your child from you through the delivery of health care.

WARNING:  The Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute (PCPCI) has developed online modules, webinars, and learning collaboratives to teach health care providers on how to separate the parent from their child...which is where Dr. Gillespie shares his strategy for separating children from the influences of their mommies and daddies.  Not only does Dr. Gillespie share his strategies, so does Kristen Case of the Multnomah School-Based Health Centers.

PCPCI (along with school-based health centers) will be targeting your child "through community-based approaches that involve partnership with school and public health entities".  So...what will they be whispering in your child's ear?  

Eugene 4J School District Draft Policy for Serving Gender Nonconforming Students


The Eugene 4J School District has prepared a 22- page draft policy (April 10, 2015) for serving gender nonconforming students.  The policy defines bullying and harassment, restroom accessibility, locker room accessibility, sex education, participation in athletics and much more.


As indicated in the 'draft policy' under "Locker Room Accessibility" ..."A student shall not be required to use a locker room that is incongruent with the students gender identity".  If this is true, then according to the draft policy, a transgender boy may use the girls locker room, and conversely, a transgender girl may use the boys locker room.  I wonder, does bulling and harassment fall under the guidelines for those girls and boys who are not transgender?   Are their rights and safety issues being violated under this policy?  Yes, of course they are!  We urge concerned parents and guardians to contact Superintendent Gustavo Balderas at the Eugene 4J School District.  You may call the superintendent at 541-790-7707 or email him at balderas_g@4j.lane.edu and register your displeasure with the proposed policy.

 Kaiser Permanente and School-Based Health Centers

As parents we need to question the motives of all organizations, both public and private, who seemingly appear to be benevolent, but who are seeking access to our children through the delivery of health care in the public schools.   

The Affordable Care Act and legislatures are redefining the relationship we have with our family doctor and our rights to direct the health care of our children.  There is an intentional and deliberate blurring of the lines between education and health care.  Parental rights are being legislated away at the behest of private and public organization who have determined that "they" know what is best for OUR children and then "they" scamper off to Salem (and Washington DC) so legislators will enact new laws that benefit them 

In September, 2013 Kaiser Permanente published a request for proposal for School-Based Health Centers for Capacity Building and Behavioral Health Projects.   The proposal dedicates $1.2 million over a 3-year period and intends "to award 3-5 Capacity Building grants in the $40,000 range and 5-7 Behavioral Health Grants in the $150,000 range".  Kaiser Permanente states that "schools play a crucial role in the health of young people".  Really?  If we are to buy into this drivel, then this would imply that moms and dads do not play a "crucial role" in keeping their children healthy. 
Oregon's Planned Parenthood Announces it is the Largest Provider of
 Sex Education to Teens
Planned Parenthood (PP), an organization currently under intense public scrutiny regarding its involvement with selling baby parts, is in many Oregon public schools.  Planned Parenthood was on the steering committee of the controversial Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference which, despite the conference organizers claims of "best practices" around teaching comprehensive K-12 human sexuality and "healthy relationships", was faced with undeniable evidence of their involvement in exposing minors to pornography and other developmentally inappropriate sexual content.
Many Oregon school districts adopt sex education policies which are recommended by the Oregon Department of Education, as well as sex education curriculum from PP. This was recently confirmed in an August 26, 2015 email from Camelia Hison, Vice President of Education for PP of Columbia-Willamette, where she announced that "PP Columbia Willamette is the largest provider of sex education in Oregon and Southwest Washington".
In this email, Ms. Hison highlighted the "Teen Counsel" program which she states is a"peer education program where teens learn accurate sexual health information and teach their friends and classmates. Participants gain leadership skills by organizing events in their schools and in their communities to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, and LGBTQI issues."

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Call to Action 

Consider asking the following questions:

  • Does your school board support the concept of "Atramatic Parentectomy"?
  • Is your child being referred to off-campus medical/mental agencies or clinics?
  • Who will liable if your child experiences complications arising from medical /mental treatment they receive while at school?
  • Will your school board be allowing transgender boys to use the girls locker room?  If so, how will this provide a safe and civil environment for all students?
  • Will your school district provide minors with information regarding gender transformation counseling, treatment and surgery (without parental consent or knowledge)?
  • Do your school district leaders and elected officials understand that "Oregon Certified SBHCsCANNOT be "tailored" to fit your "community values" and that there is NO local control as a result?