Our Mission
Protect and Advocate for Parents' Rights to Guide the Education of Their Children.

August Newsletter, 2015

August is that time of year when many families take their vacation before the hectic days of school return.  We would like to take this occasion to wish you and your family a wonderful and enjoyable August as we look forward to the new school year.

Parents' Rights in Education wants to be your trusted resource, and is committed to keeping you informed of the latest decisions and actions of various elected and appointed officials, the Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority and private organizations and foundations  which support legislation and policies that usurp and threaten your parental rights.  

We are tracking ways in which the lines are dramatically blurring between the education and health care services Oregon school children receive; often without parental knowledge or permission.  Our September newsletter will include information revealing connections between school-based health centers and Planned Parenthood, as well as provide you important and helpful 'beginning of the school-year' reminders.

Have a fun and delightful rest of the summer.