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July Newsletter, 2015

Not only are adults around the Oregon becoming "eyes and ears", young people are learning what school curriculum, activities, messages, and suggested resources to watch for which may disregard or usurp their rights or that of their parents. Thanks to savvy parents and guardians, their children are becoming better informed and equipped to notice when they encounter questionable content. This includes the health care services which may be recommended to them (without parental knowledge and/or consent).

Summer provides time to find out what your child or grandchild is experiencing in their schools. Learn how both you and your child can work as a dynamic team and become "eyes and ears" during this upcoming 2015-2016 school year.  Start a conversation now.

Has the Gervais School District Deceived Parents?


Did Superintendent Matt Henry, the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority and Working to Institutionalize Sex Education (WISE) just pull the wool over the eyes of parents in Gervais?  Or, did Gervais School Board Chairman, Steve Rush, at the June 18, 2015 school board meeting, have a slip of the tongue and let the cat out of the bag when he acknowledged that Gervais was going to have a school-based health center (SBHC) whether they liked it or not.  Or, was Mr. Rush's pronouncement a blessing in disguise that revealed that these institutions have an agenda and they are NOT to be trusted when it comes to our children?


Perhaps Mr. Rush's pronouncement was spoken in the heat of the moment immediately following a haughty lecture by school board member, Mr. LaFollette, which was directed to those in attendance who were not Gervais residents.  Parents' Rights in Education has attended the last three school board meetings, much to the dismay of several of the school board members, including Mr. LaFollette.  It should be noted that when parents had an opportunity to speak at these meetings and question the board regarding the establishment of a SBHC, the superintendent and board dodged all questions by stating they were unable to answer any questions at this time because the draft policy had not been completed. Also stating, that the SBHC was not on the agenda.  Yet, for months, while teachers have been trained about the curriculum, consultants have been paid and a WISE grant was received by the school district, they were still unwilling to answer questions related to curriculum and policy.  Apparently, if we are to believe Mr. Rush's statement, the plan to establish a SBHC is firmly in place and parents will have no choice but to accept it. 


What can we deduce from Mr. Rush's slip of the tongue? That the parents in Gervais have been hoodwinked, deceived and betrayed by the very people they are "supposed to trust"? That the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority and WISE all colluded and ignored parental concerns for input.  Reasonably, one could assume, YES.  


To demonstrate how little respect Superintendent Matt Henry and the Oregon Department of Education's, Sexuality Specialist, Ely Sanders, appear to have for parental input, the following situation occurred.   A concerned parent, and a member of the parent/community committee, emailed Mr. Henry requesting clarification of their role.  In her April 23, 2015 email she stated that "I sincerely hope that the parent/community is not simply a "token" parent input group, to give the appearance that there was genuine solicitation of parent input; but then some other group actually makes the decision, regardless of the sentiments of the parent/community committee."  In her email she acknowledged that Mr. Henry was free to forward the letter to the school board members.  


Instead, Mr. Henry, forwarded her letter in its entirety, to Mr. Ely Sanders of the Oregon Department of Education, requesting his input.  Mr. Sanders, in his April 27, 2015 email response to Mr. Henry stated "Ultimately the board is elected from the community and thus can be considered a community voice. They balance what is required by state law, bench marks, their community needs and make decisions." 


There was a time when we could trust the leadership and decisions of school administrators and school board members.  Sadly, in many Oregon districts this is not the case.  Parents need to wake-up and realize that their children are being used as pawns in a dangerous game of social engineering using unscientific, unproven and irresponsible practices. 


What is a Tanner Screening and Why You Should Care?  

Since when is a student asked to "pull their pants down" so a school nurse can check their genitals to see if they are "mature" enough to play contact sports? 

Tanner screening is a scale utilized in schools that describes the onset of puberty in boys and girls. According to the Tanner Stages "Boys are rated for genital development (the length of their penis, enlargement of scrotum and testes) and pubic hair growth, and girls are rated for breast development (elevation of breast and papilla; enlargement of areola) and pubic hair growth.  Both boys and girls are rated on a 5 point scale."   A Buffalo, New York  mother was outraged and complained when the school nurse wanted to see her daughter's genitals.  Her daughter, obviously a savvy young lady, said "no" and informed her mother.

Does your school have a SBHC?  Will they being doing invasive exams unbeknownst to you, the parent?   Will your child be asked to "pull down their pants" so a nurse can count the pubic hairs on your child's private zone to determine whether he or she can play contact sports? Many Oregonians are shocked at the variety of procedures Oregon SBHCs have been authorized to perform at the behest of private organizations such as Planned Parenthood.  Of course, none of this could occur without collusion of the Oregon legislature enacting laws to usurp the power of the parent.  

Consider the following: 

In 2013, Senate Bill 491 was passed protecting those providers who dispense medical or mental health care to your child while at school.  If a school nurse dispenses a drug to your child, without your knowledge or consent, and your child has a reaction to the drug, the health care worker "shall not be subject to civil liability".  In other words, the state will not be held accountable.

This year a slew of bills were passed in Salem interfering in the rights of parents to direct and control the kinds of health care their child receives.  House Bill 2758 was passed and signed by Governor Brown. This bill protects your child's confidentiality in any insurance communication they may have with your insurance provider regarding any health care they may access at the SBHC... from you.  You will not be surprised to learn that Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Basic Rights Oregon and Cascade Aids Project are among the many supporters of this bill.  They are also supporters of House Bill 2307 which passed this session and makes it illegal for any health care professional and social health care professional from practicing conversion therapy on your child if they are under 18 years of age...even with your permission.  This legislation is promoting gender confusion and creating a wedge between you and your child.    

Our children have targets on their backs not only in Oregon, but across the country.  State and federal legislatures are interfering in the rights of parents by passing laws that circumvent the rights of parents   to direct the health care of their children.  This is being accomplished at the behest of private organization and state agencies.  It is intentional, deliberate and succeeding through SBHCs and Oregon's K-12 Sexuality Education.  Again, our children are pawns in a larger, nationally coordinated effort of deception and deceit.   

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Call to Action
FIND OUT if your school district has a SBHC.  Does your district administrators and school board know what services, messages, and referrals that students (whom they have been entrusted to protect during the school day) are receiving? Who is liable if a health complication arises? Ask. 

FIND OUT who has access to your children or grandchildren at these SBHCs.  Who is touching them, what is being put into their bodies, and what is being put into their minds?   Breaking down barriers, providing students  "easy access", and promoting confidentiality to minors does not ensure that your child will be safe and healthy.  This is especially true if you as the parent are left in the dark.
 Did You Know?

White Privilege Conference Costs School District $100,000 Yearly

We scratch our heads and wonder what the heck is happening to our schools?  Why is the Gresham-Barlow school district spending $100,000 on a "white privilege" conference?  Are they intentionally sowing seeds of discontent?  School board member Dan Christensen, who is advocating for parents and students,  thinks so.

Gresham-Barlow school board member Dan Christenson stated "During the conference, they are taught that, essentially, all white people are racists and all students of color live in a white supremacists culture.  And therefore, their very best efforts will never, ever  be good enough to achieve their dreams.  That's probably the thing that bothers me most is the hopelessness that this puts on our students of color."

Oregon ranks near the bottom in achievement in math, science and history, which are the staples of education.  Why are Oregon's scarce tax dollars being spent on promoting racial disharmony?