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June Newsletter, 2015

Despite the fact that graduation and summer is quickly approaching, it is wonderful to see individuals across the state remaining diligent in their efforts to monitor school board agendas and their pending decisions. Sexuality education policy updates, curriculum adoption, and programs may be on your school board's docket during these upcoming summer months, as is the case shown below in the Gervais School District.


During the summer months, we encourage you to be ever vigilant in having conversations with others in your community (ie: parents, students, teachers, school board members, etc.) regarding school-based health centers and sexuality education.


The fact that many of you have committed to being "eyes and ears" in your local school district is making a difference!

 School-Based Health Center, Condoms and  

6th Graders?


Public schools are looking less and less like institutions of learning and more and more like health care and daycare centers with a political agenda.  Perhaps that explains why Oregon students score at the bottom in academic achievement in the nation and has one of the worst graduation rates.  

Once again it appears that t
he Gervais School District would like to begin dispensing condoms to sixth graders and has added to its wish list the establishment of a new school-based health center (SBHC). SBHCs provide mental and medical health care, sex education, reproductive health services and a variety of other services to minor children, much of it without the knowledge or consent of parents.


After attending the Thursday, May 21, 2015 school board meeting, it appeared that the board was in no mood to hear from concerned parents regarding condom dispensing or the pending school-based health center. In fact, when parents and visitors had an opportunity to speak (seven  spoke), and expressed their displeasure, several of the board members were not only surly but informed the parents that these items were not on the agenda and limited their time to two minutes.  It is interesting to note that a number of those who were on the agenda (school district employees and the superintendent) spoke glowingly about a SBHC and implied the need for condoms, even though the SBHC and condoms were not on the agenda.  Parents in Gervais should be very concerned about their right to be heard.


Meanwhile, parents were treated to a lecture from one school board member who only wished parents were as outspoken and passionate about science or math as they were about condoms and a SBHC. Perhaps the school board member was unaware that schools are tasked with teaching science and math, they are not tasked with dispensing condoms to sixth graders or interfering with parental rights as it relates to the health and safety of their children.  Possibly that is why the Gervais school district is losing enrollment and is looking to enroll 3-year-olds in pre-school to make up for lost revenue.  


Time will tell whether the Gervais School District will ever add these items to their agenda or simply pass these unpopular programs in the dark of night.   It is important to understand that the school board is   getting advice and guidance from the Oregon Department of Education and those individuals who supported the controversial Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside.  We encourage the residents of Gervais to voice their opinion at the next June 18th school board meeting. The Gervais School Board agendas can be accessed at http://www.gervais.k12.or.us/district/school-board/.


   Whose Values and Philosophies Does the Gervais School Board Really Represent?

Parents who have children in the public schools may be unprepared for what school boards, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), private companies such as Planned Parenthood, private foundations such as the Gates Foundation (who is funding Common Core) and the Grove Foundation (who has funded Working to Institutional Sex Education-WISE ) have planned for their children.

There was a time when we could trust the leadership and decisions of school administrators and school board members, unfortunately that is not always the case.  One need only read the minutes of the February 19, 2015  (you will need to scroll through minutes) Gervais school board meeting to recognize parents must be proactive in the education of their children not only in Gervais but across the state.  The Gervais School District is preparing a human sexuality policy that they have been working on since last year when they made national news in their desire to dispense condoms to sixth graders.  

A draft human sexuality policy for students was created at a work session by the school board. Interestingly enough, the board may have created the draft policy but Brad Victor from the ODE (former sexuality specialist) and Ely Sanders from the ODE (current sexuality specialist) were extremely instrumental in directing the board.  

Consider the following when you decide whether or not to trust the Gervais school board.  In the minutes of the March 15th school board meeting, Director Rush, is summarized as stating that,  "now that the board has a draft of the policy he would like all board members to take it home and review it carefully and come with input. He also reminded the board members that they are elected officials and are not to vote their own philosophy or values, but for what is best for the students and district."   The board members were instructed to "not vote" their values and philosophy,  but rather, one would assume, accept the values and philosophy of Mr. Brad Victor.  Mr. Victor was fired after Channel 6 News reported on the Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside which endorsed pornography.  Mr. Sanders is the new state "Sexuality Specialist" and described himself as the new "Brad Victor".  Parents should be wary of his guidance as well.  

Another reason that parents should question the wisdom of the Gervais School District is also revealed in the March 15th minutes when Mr. Henry, the Superintendent "commented that the board had heard from everyone but the students".   Mr. Henry is no doubt aware that the students do not pay his salary.   It is critical that Mr. Henry hear the concerns and opinions from the parents and guardians within his district.  

Finally, Mr. Brad Victor tipped his hand when in the minutes of October 29, 2014 board meeting (you will need to scroll through the minutes) under the heading Oregon Healthy Teen Survey Data  (a euphemism for information that is none of the ODE's business), "Mr. Victor said that the State of Oregon Healthy Teens did a survey and asked students about whom they want their sexuality educator to be, students replied that they wanted their parents to be their educator."  Apparently, ODE picks and chooses the data they wish to push from the survey and rejects that which does not fit into their agenda.  Having parents teach their children about sex is just not in their orbit.

Parents, not only in Gervais, but across the state are unprepared for what is descending on them via the Oregon Department of Education, Oregon Health Authority, Ely Sanders, Jessica Duke, Shelagh Johnson, Planned Parenthood and private foundations.  Remember:  the agenda is all about who has the deepest pockets to indoctrinate your child.  

Parents' Rights in Education was alerted to developing plans by the Clatsop Teen Wellness Coalition to hold an alternative seminar apparently in response to the canceled Adolescent Sexuality Conference.

A two-day seminar titled "The Adolescent Mind & Body Health Seminar" was held May 8-9, 2015 and sponsored by the Clatsop Teen Wellness Coalition. 

Previously at an April planning meeting, The Harbor (formerly Clatsop County Women's Crisis Center) and the Clatsop County Health Department stated that minors would not be present at the seminar.  This was not the truth.  We attended the seminar and there were 3 teen girls from Newport, Oregon as part of a panel discussion on gender fluidity.

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Call to Action
Does your school district have a SBHC? Map of Oregon School-Based Health Centers 


Oregon school districts which are considering a SBHC include:  Hood River, Bend, Central, Ione, Scappoose, Gervais.  Is your child's school district considering this as well?  Find out.


Topics you could inquire about:

  • Oversight/Accountability?
  • Access to child's medical/mental records?
  • Services available without parental consent?
  • Credible data supporting "need"?
  • Costs incurred by school district?
  • Services offered? Referred?
  • If children are harmed what recourse will parents have? 
  • Who will be held liable?